The Forgotten Ones

Sworn Brothers

4. chapter three

Chapter Three: Intervention

Elros took Thranduil back to the room he shared with Elrond to show the younger elf what he was going to show him. Though Thranduil did not know it Elros also intended to hide Thranduil there until Oropher could be dealt with. When they got there they both saw something they did not want to see. Thranduil froze with fear at the sight of his father. Elros just glared at him. Oropher was holding the now ruined and wet shirt that Thranduil had worn that day.

“Couldn’t obey a simple order could you?” asked Oropher. “I thought I had taught you better than that?”

Oropher backhanded Thranduil across the face. When Elros saw this he jumped Oropher.

“That’s enough!” said an elf.

Meanwhile Elrond ran straight for where Galadriel and Celeborn were.

“Hello Elrond,” said Galadriel before she saw the look on his face. “I thought you were swimming with your brother.”

“We were, then Thranduil came by and we asked him to join us,” said Elrond. He explained the situation to her.

“Oropher!” said Galadriel and Celeborn thought she was going to yell. “Alright where is he? Thranduil that is,” she said softly.

“Elros took him to our room to watch him,” said Elrond.

“Good thinking,” said Galadriel.

She and Celeborn rose to go to the twins’ room. Just then they saw Gil-Galad forcing Oropher into the room, with his arm twisted behind his back and Thranduil was not far behind being coaxed in by Elros. Galadriel looked at Gil-Galad.

“What happened?” she asked.

“I caught him in the act,” said Gil-Galad. “Take a look at Thranduil’s face. When Glorfindel told me that he suspected something was wrong, I decided to investigate, but I never imagined I’d find this. Our kin see children as the blessings of the Valar and Dwarves see them as Aule’s blessing, never treating children thus. Only the very worst of the race of men do this!”

Galadriel looked at the bruise forming over Thranduil’s right eye and swore she was going to make Oropher suffer.

“You had better have a good explanations for that,” said Galadriel to Oropher.

Oropher stated that Thranduil had gotten what he deserved for his disobedience, nothing more and nothing less, but Galadriel knew the truth. She knew that Oropher blamed Thranduil for his mother’s death.

“You are not an elf, Oropher! I swear when you were made Eru made a little mistake in your making,” said Galadriel, letting everyone know she was NOT happy. “Thranduil, please turn around and let me see the rest of you.”

Thranduil was ashamed of the scars on his back and didn’t want to. He tried to back away.

“Thranduil, please let me see them,” said Galadriel.

Elros placed his hand on the younger elfling’s shoulder and gave him a reassuring smile. Elros took his hand and held it as Thranduil let Galadriel see his back.

“This child is being removed from your care, Oropher ,” said Galadriel, “and that’s final!”

Galadriel motioned to Celeborn to look at what she saw. Celeborn took one look at the elfling’s back and wanted to kill Oropher.

“Oropher, you are leaving in the morning without your child,” said Gil-Galad. “I’d call a council of elders against you, but there is no one else to rule Greenwood and Thranduil is too young to take the throne.”

Galadriel told Thranduil to pack his things, that he was coming to stay with her and Celeborn. She planned to talk to him when she felt he was ready. Thranduil looked at her with surprise. She was taking him in despite what he had done to merit such beatings, or he thought he did. All his life Oropher had told him that he didn’t deserve to be an elfling, let alone his heir. Galadriel knew his thoughts and took him to the room she stayed in to talk.

“Thranduil, I want to know why you think your father does this to you,” said Galadriel.

“Because I did something bad,” said Thranduil, “or didn’t pay attention to my lessons or forgot my chores.” Thranduil proceeded to list things that an elfling wouldn’t even get a slap on the wrist for and chores that were the work of grown elves.

“What Oropher did was not your fault,” said Galadriel. “If you deserved being hurt because of the simplest of things then every elfling would. As for those chores they are the work of an adult elf. When did you get a chance to play?”

“Not often, only when I was with Elrond or Elros. Adar said that because I was prince I was held to a higher standard than common elflings,” said Thranduil. “He said that if I let anyone see my shame (he meant his scars) he’d throw me in the dungeons for a week.”

Thranduil started crying like the elfling he was supposed to be. Galadriel took him in her arms, careful of the scars on his back.

“Thranduil, your father is a sick elf. No one, even a prince, should have to go through what you went through. In fact, until now I’ve only heard of humans doing this. Your father is wrong. You are the sweetest, kindest elfling I know.”

“Come now,” said Galadriel “Let me tend that eye, so it will heal faster.”

He nodded and followed her. Galadriel got some herbs and water and treated the large bruise over his eye, then went to ask the twins if they would come to Lorien to help Thranduil adjust.

“Elros and I were about to ask you the same thing,” said Elrond.

“We want to help our friend,” said Elros.

“Well then, it’s official,” said Galadriel.

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