LOTR Holiday Carols

Breetown Wassail

1. Breetown Wassail

Good Yule, Good Yule, all over Bree Town

The snow it is white and the ale it is brown

The bowl it is made from the white maple tree

With the Yule-drinkers bowl we'll drink unto thee

Come landlord, and give us a bowl of the best

And we'll pronounce your House a haven for rest

But if you do draw us a bowl of the small

Then away with the landlord, bowl, and all

And here's to the healer who lives in the wood

If you're sick Breelindir shall fix you up good

But if you're not ill, and a man you do be

Then the bite of the healer's dog you shall see!

And here's to the mayor and his woman well-born

May Eru grant our land a good crop of corn

With a good crop of corn, then merry we'll be

With the Yule drinking bowl, we'll drink unto thee

And here's to the maid in the lily-white smock

Who's quick to the door and who pulls back the lock

Who's quick to the door and who pulls back the pin

For to welcome the merry Yule-drinkers in

And here's to the Rangers who roam all around

But each year return unto us in Bree Town

We bid them good Yule, and we bid it with glee

With the Yule-drinking bowl, we drink unto thee

Good Yule, Good Yule, all over Bree-Town

The snow it is white, and the ale it is brown

The bowl it is made from the white maple tree

With the Yule-drinking bowl, we'll drink unto thee.

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