LOTR Holiday Carols

Yuletide Songs

3. We Three Jewels

To the tune of "We Three Kings":

We three jewels the Silmarils are,
Since the First Age scattered afar;
With Water, Sky, and Fire we lie,
Two lost, and one a star.

O, jewels of wonder, jewels so bright,
Last remembrance of Treelight;
Ever burning, wake our yearning,
Awe us with your perfect light.

They were mine, in Valinor wrought;
By my toil the Treelight was caught.
But chaos seeking, havoc wreaking,
Morgoth to take them sought.

O, jewels of wonder, jewels so bright,
Stolen at the fall of night;
Valinor's gloom-day, Finwë's doom-day,
Brought to pass by Bauglir's might.

Brothers we, of seven the last,
Swore an oath, and what came to pass?
Sorrowing, sighing, bleeding, dying;
Our jewels away were cast.

O, jewels of wonder, jewels so bright,
For your sake, the Noldor's flight;
Sword-blades gleaming, Elven-blood streaming,
With such deeds we lost our right.

To the skies I climb when day's done,
And return when morn again comes;
Eve and Morning, see me soaring,
Of stars the brightest one.

O, jewel of wonder, jewel so bright,
Rising with the fall of night;
Now, O treasure without measure,
Eärendil's path you light.

Glorious now behold him arise,
Dearest star to Elven eyes,
Burn forever, ceasing never
To grace the starry skies.

O, jewels of wonder, jewels so bright,
Two forever lost to sight,
But prayer and praising, all beings raising,
One remains to give us light!

*Sorry, Ungoliant fans - I wanted to write her in too, but I couldn't make her fit!

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