LOTR Holiday Carols


1. Torches


Torches, torches, run with torches
All the way to Rath Dínen!
The Steward's House must end in ashes
As his life's gone down the pan.

"Ah, his blood's aflame already
There's hardly need to build a pyre,
No long slow sleep of death embalméd
Just knife and sacrificial fire.

Go you fools and play with healing!
I've seen it all on pay-to-view,
Best use my oil-soaked son as kindling
For my eternal barbeque."

A/N I'm feeling a bit bad about doing this to a lovely Spanish carol! Here are the original words in case people don't know it.

Torches, torches, run with torches
All the way to Bethlehem!
Christ is born and now lies sleeping:
Come and sing your song to him!

"Ah, ro-ro, ro-ro my baby,
Ah, ro-ro, my love, ro-ro:
Sleep you well, my heart's own darling,
While we sing you our ro-ro.

Sing, my friends, and make you merry,
Joy and mirth, and joy again:
Lo, he lives, the King of heaven,
Now and evermore. Amen".

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