LOTR Holiday Carols

Christmas Carol Challenge

1. Good Rest Ye Merry

Good rest you Merry and Pippin,
Let nothing you dismay,
Remember Gandalf isn't dead
He's only gone away,
To save you from the Balrog
But he'll be back any day
Oh you'll meet down in Fangorn by and by,
Give it a try,
You can hitch a free ride off the Uruk-hai!

Take it easy Frodo
You're a hobbit not a man,
Take the Ring to Mordor
And just ditch it if you can,
You'll have a really lovely stroll
And be alone with Sam,
Ju-ust think of it as a little break,
For goodness sake,
Even though the whole of Middle Earth's at stake!

Try to chill out Aragorn
And just do your own thing,
Treebeard's got the hobbits now
And Frodo's got the Ring,
Your application's in the mail
And you're in line for King,
A-as soon as you've won this little war,
Although it's a bore,
It's the kind of good PR you can't ignore.

Slow down a little Legolas
You're going much too fast,
You've covered half of Rohan
Even though it's really vast,
You know when you're immortal
That you have to make things last,
Yo-ou need to relax those elvish traits,
Try going on dates,
P'raps you and Gimli could become good mates.

Take some time out Boromir,
There's no more to be done,
Afraid the score is looking grim,
Orcs - 90 – humans – 1,
But they say the Overheaven
At this time of year is fun,
Still of big hunky warriors, you're the cream,
Know what I mean?
It's too bad that they dropped you from the team!

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