Where the Stars are Strange

Only a Game

17. Dr. Jim Watkins (3)

He was back in the room of Ms McCourt. The three test persons he had to watch seemed to be happy with their game, so he had returned to his seat in Jarro's room.

He contemplated her pretty, smiling face and her tousled brown, wavy hair and became increasingly curious about what her eyes would look like when she would smile at him later, when the game was over and he got up his nerve to ask her out.

After a time of watching her, he rose and went to get himself a cup of coffee. The coffee was good and strong, not at all like the inky brew they served at the hospital. Perhaps he should try to get into private practice after all…

He cast a look at Ms McCourt's monitors and frowned.

Something was strange there.

He looked at the lines, which represented the activities of her brain and her heart rate.

No, there was nothing wrong. She was healthy, there was no undue excitement displayed here, nothing to indicate any symptoms of anything untoward happening to either her brain or her heart.
He blinked and rubbed his eyes, watching the monitors closely.

Everything was alright.

And yet…

There was something strange here. He could not quite grasp it, but something was strange.

He thought about going to the second physician on watch for these test runs today, but in the end decided against it. Everything he knew and all the clever programmes of the monitors set to alert him at any dangerous development in the test person's health, all this told him that everything was alright.

He could not simply break off an expensive test run because he had a feeling that something was strange. He could not do that, when his experience, his knowledge and those damn monitors told him that everything was perfectly alright.

He sat back down to watch Jarro McCourt's vital signs, the waves delineating her neural activities.

He could not say what it was.

But something was strange.

He waited.

Soon the game would be over.

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