Kids do the darndest things...

Tips for Dealing With Children

3. Hide the Scissors

Théodwyn didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as she beheld her children’s ragged, nearly bald heads.

Éomer was, predictably, defiant, chin pushed out aggressively, eyes narrowed, arms crossed over his chest. Éowyn mirrored her brother’s posture somewhat, although her expression was more anxious than belligerent, and her gaze darted more than once to Éomer .

“Explain yourselves, please,” Théodwyn requested, trying to ignore the piles of hair that littered the floor like small golden haystacks.

“People kept calling me Éowyn!” Éomer burst out, throwing a glare at his sister, who looked heartbroken at having angered her brother.

Théodwyn willed herself not to laugh, instead asking, “What people?”

“Éothain,” was the sullen reply, “and Gárulf, and Hador…and..and…Théodred said he never knew which one of us it was until we turned around!”

Théodwyn knew it would not soothe the pride of an eight-year-old boy to explain that the others were just teasing him.

She turned to her daughter. “Éowyn ,” she asked, already suspecting the answer, “why did you cut off all your hair?”

Éowyn turned tearful eyes to her mother. “Because," she said softly, "...because I wanted to be like Éomer .”

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