27. Hellfire and Ice Cream

Hellfire and Ice Cream
*What the Hell were you thinking?!? You ran Haldir NAKED up a tree!! You are never this reckless, what has come over you? Do you know not only did I have to agree to Haldir escorting me to dinner, but he is now after your hide as a pretty rug!! I may make him a present of your skin, because if I get to you first, there will not be anything left for him to shoot!! Stay away from him.*, Fire snarled, mind to mind, to the offending Feline who had become the bane of Haldir's life. The ranger's first picnic with the Prince of Mirkwood had been rudely interrupted, by a laughing voice calling her to come see the very interesting present that was up in the tree.
Fearful of just what the present could be, Fire had asked if Legolas would like to take a short walk. He had readily agreed, not knowing that it was not because she wished to walk, but HAD to go see what scary thing the Feline was up to. The sight that had greeted them, was hilarious beyond belief. Poor Haldir had to muster the dignity of a royal and cloak himself in his arrogance to offset the lack of clothing. Fire admired the March warden's calm and control in such an embarrassing situation and the amazing physique that had been on display was beyond description. Magnificent did not do the March warden of Lothlorien justice!!
*Ty, the silly elf has threatened me a few times already. I am not worried. Why did you accept his offer? I thought you were not interested in Haldir! Have you changed your mind about Legolas, or do you want BOTH of them for yourself?!? *, the sullen voice in Fire's head replied.
 Legolas looked worried and confused by the ranger's sudden outburst of, "Are you NUTS?!? I can barely figure out what to do with one!! I do not need two." The fact that they were sitting alone on a picnic blanket and had drifted off into contented silence, made the words seem more then a little strange. Slapping a hand over her mouth in shock, Fire blushed and mumbled, "Can not believe I said that aloud." The voice ricocheted around her head in bell like peals of mirth. *Go away fiendish one!*, the miffed ranger huffed before slamming her mind closed to the amused female and returning her concentration to her picnic.
Elrond, Lord of Imlandris, woke with a start as a hand touched his shoulder. Looking up in confusion, he saw the familiar figure of Glorfindel. The golden haired elf gazed intently at his liege lord. It was unusual to find Elrond asleep at his desk and the weary set of his shoulders bore the truth of his worried mind. A slightly self mocking smile touched the Lord of Imlandris' lips as he took in the disturbed features of one of his oldest friends. "Fear not Glorfindel, I am well. I had another vision and it disrupted my sleep last night. I guess I was much more tired then I thought. This short nap has done me wonders!", the Elven Lord declared as he rose and pour a glass of wine for both of them.
"This new vision, is it the same as the one before or is it entirely different? Will you share or do you wish not to speak of it?", Glorfindel asked as he accepted the glass from Elrond's out stretched hand. Waiting patiently, the golden haired elf watched his Lord pace in front of the fire, before turning back to his desk and resuming his seat. "It was somewhat the same, but there was a part that disturbed me greatly. I saw the white cat with gold eyes and it was poised to attack Haldir. The sound it made curdled my blood and the sight of it baring down on the March warden with such ferocity worries me greatly. It then proceeded to blur and shift, showing me Haldir face down with Fire crouching over him with blood running down onto the March warden's back from her wrist. He was covered in a bluish, green flame and he was screaming as she knelt over him. What devilry is this? That one who should defend the light turns to the darkness. Being Gandalf's daughter, I had high hopes that she would not fall prey to Sauron's treachery. Galadriel told me of her visions. She has seen two possible futures; one with Haldir and one with Legolas. Yet my vision contradicts that possibility, and shows a third end to the ranger's fate: Sauron's minion.", Lord Elrond cried out in despair for the woman he had grown as close to as his own children.
The two Elven Lords sat, quietly watching the flames flicker and dance in the hearth before them. Each mulled over their own thoughts, neither one able to find a solution to the uncertainty of the ranger's destiny nor a way to console the other. So they sat, drew what comfort they could from each other's presence, both praying that Fire would turn away from the dark and the ring to be destroyed before all was lost.
"Will you tell me why you said that?", Legolas' soft voice brought Fire back from her mind to mind conversation. Turning to face his gentle blue eyes, Fire felt something give way. What it was or why it gave way at that moment, Fire would never be able to tell the elf in front of her. Drowning in his eyes, she instinctively leaned forward and laid a hand against his cheek. Tilting her head in bafflement, the ranger made a decision. She would trust him with her secrets, or at least most of them.
In a low, slightly husky voice, "I was speaking to another of my kind, Legolas. There are only five of us left, outside of the Undying Lands . She can speak to me mind to mind and I to her. It was the Lothlorien sentinel, Briar, that I was speaking to. She is my chief advisor here in Arda and I am her protector. I know what I am and what you saw me do, disturbed you greatly, but you need not fear me or mine. I am one of the Kindred.
We were once part of Morgoth's allies, the Cat People. When my forbearers were sent to destroy those of the light, they revolted and turned away from the Darkness. We fought along side the Elven realms and gave our lives and souls to ERU. We were called the Deceivers by our own kind, but to ignore the light would have made us truly the deceivers of our own souls. The Valar granted my people immortality for our deeds and allowed us to travel to Aman if we wished. There are yet some of my people in the Undying Lands.
Nearly two thousand years ago the last of the Royal House of Anorak, King Tygerian, was murdered defending his people and his home from Morgoth's remaining Cat People. The myths and legends call my people the Forgotten Ones, but ERU had not forsaken us. What I tell you now must not be known to others. The Darkness would come for me if they knew I existed.
My true name is Tygera, of Anorak. I am the oldest daughter of a forbidden match between the Istari Wizard, Gandalf the Grey and Dorressia, Princess of Anorak and only child of King Tygerian. My twin and I  are the heirs to the throne of Anorak. If we die so do our race."
Legolas was stunned. Here before him sat not just one of the Kindred, but a Princess and Heir to the throne of Anorak. He thought back to all the stories he used to read about, the myths and legends of the Cat People that seemed so distant and unreal. Now he was faced with a living myth and he was unsure how to respond. Three times the elf tried to open his mouth with no sound escaping, before he suddenly started to laugh.
"I am sorry, little one, I do not mean to laugh, but I have never been so relieved as I am now. I had resigned myself to the fact that my heart was stolen by one of Morgoth's Cat People. I had, all but forgotten, those of the Kindred that had chosen the light of ERU over the Darkness.  My heart is yours; even if you had been of the Cat People it would still have been yours."
Bringing Fire into the circle of his arms, Legolas kissed her softly. Fire hesitated a moment, before relaxing into the elf's embrace. Pulling back from the kiss, Legolas leaned back against the tree's trunk and snuggled Fire to his side. Stiffening at first, Fire sighed and let the tension flow out of her body, leaving her plaint form plastered against a very happy Prince of Mirkwood.
Neither saw the deep rose colored glow that surrounded them. Nobody that is, but Galadriel who stood at her mirror with an exceedingly pleased smile upon her face. "It is almost complete.", she murmured to herself, before heading back to her talan and waiting mate.

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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