35. Arguments and Wishing Wells

Arguments and Wishing Wells
Arguments. Heated discussions, that either lead to hurt feelings, a change of opinion, or sometimes, if very lucky, a better understanding of another's point of view. Man and Elf have participated in these varied discussions since the awakening of the world. Enemies have started wars. Families have engaged in trials of understanding. Friends open themselves up to pain, or enlightenment. Lover's rage against each other to settle a hard won point, or just to be able to apologize; so they can do the required process of making up. It is a double edge sword, that handled right, can bring both pleasure and pain, into close quarters, with each other.
          Legolas' indrawn breath, alerted the ranger to his presence. Her vivid green eyes snapped to the elf and searched his fair features, with sad, cloudy blue eyes. The look of pain on his face viciously ripped at Fire's heart. Sliding the blanket to the floor, Fire stood cautiously; awaiting the elf's actions. She knew that Legolas, had heard her whispered words and by the look in his eyes, feared the worst. An irresistible urge to comfort, drove the ranger to her mate. Hesitantly, Fire reached out her hand to the Prince of Mirkwood. Barely able to breath, from the nervousness that crowded her throat, the ranger placed her hand lightly on his tunic just over his heart. Tilting her head to better see the elf's eyes, Fire inched closer to him, but was ever ready to pull away, should he reject her touch. Seeing his blue eyes lightening slightly, gave the ranger the needed confidence to slide her other hand onto his arm. Knowing the only way possible, to wipe the pain from his eyes, was the truth. Drawing a breath past the knot in her throat, Fire softly whispered, "I miss my best friend." The look of relief, on his fair Elven features, was worth all the effort it took to brave her fear and speak first.
          Legolas watched the ranger, as she slowly made her way towards him. He became rooted to the spot, when she came so very close to him. Her scent intoxicated him and her nearness was captivating his senses. That she made the first move to venture closer to him, without prompting, made it hard for the elf to think intelligently. He dared not speak, lest the spell be broken, nor could he regain control of his paralyzed limbs. The wave of pain that had flooded his being, at her soft whispered words, that called another's name so desperately, almost tore his soul apart. Legolas feared, in that moment, that he had doomed Fire to a life, without the one she truly loved. When her hand lay upon his chest, fingers splayed across his heart, Legolas felt a torrent of emotions swarm over him. Fear, nervousness, longing and most sweet of all, a powerful need that washed all the other emotions away; deep, profound love. His heart stopped, then proceeded to gallop in his chest, at the feelings radiating off his mate. Joy began to blossom in his heart. His soul pulled free of the pain completely, when she laid a gentle, tentative hand upon his arm. He watched her sad green eyes, as she took a breath and whispered, barely audible, "I miss my best friend." Her words crashed through the last remnants of doubt, and lit his face with a strong tidal wave of relief.
          Fire gave the elf a trembling smile, which Legolas returned in full measure. Reaching out slowly, the elven Prince drew his mate into his arms, and rested his cheek against the crown of her head. Shyly at first, Fire quivered slightly in the circle of his arms, before becoming brazen enough to slip her arms around his waist. They stood thus for long minutes, each enjoying the sensation of intimacy; that formed from such a small act of trust. Legolas allowed his hands to gently caress her back from shoulders to waist. The tiny tremors, of pleasure, that wracked her slight frame, brought a smile to his lips. That she would allow such liberties to be taken, after all that had happened, gave the Mirkwood elf hope for their future. He knew she would be upset that the ceremony would be rushed well ahead of the normal year. The response, of her body to his touch and the look in her eyes, when she came to him, lifted some of the trepidation he had been feeling. She was his! A welling of happiness spilled out from the elf and engulfed the ranger. Biting back a startled yelp, Fire stared wide eyed at Legolas, before whispering, "What just happened?" Giving her a smile of utter tenderness, the elf pulled the ranger close to his heart. "It is how I feel knowing we will be together for all eternity. I love you, Hellfire, of the Rangers of the North. I am honored to be your mate."  The Prince of Mirkwood said tenderly, as he lowered his head and captured Fire's lips in a sweet, gentle kiss.
          Haldir washed up the dishes, before taking a bottle of sweet fruit to his balcony. The strange happenings since the arrival of the Fellowship, were weighing on his thoughts, as the dusk began to fall. The one ring still pulsed like an evil black heart, calling to those around it. Luckily, none had heeded its call, as of yet, but the man, Boromir, was having the hardest time ignoring the call. He had seen some of the agony of doubt that bore down upon the steward's son. Aragorn had been trying his best to calm the man, but Boromir's guilt, mixed with an almost overwhelming need for the ring, hindered any small sense of peace the man may have been able to feel. The hobbits, save for the ring bearer, had relaxed and took enthusiastic advantage of the brief respite, from the evil of the world around them.
He still did not trust the Dwarf completely, but was rather amazed at his growing tolerance for the small, hairy creature. His loyalty to his companions, the gruff, but kind mannerisms and his unfailing, yet shocking, love for the Lady of Light had won the Dwarf, the March warden's grudging respect. The man, Aragorn, was a frequent visitor to the Golden Woods, whenever Arwen was in residence and Legolas was a distant cousin of the March warden. Fire was a puzzle. She had intrigued him from the start, but she was now Legolas'. Haldir now counted the crazy she elf, as a good friend and would do all in his power to see her happy; as he did with all those he cared for. If the Prince of Mirkwood did not treat Fire correctly, then Haldir would forcefully bring the other elf's attention to his lack! That is, if Fire left anything, of the elf, for the March warden to pound on!!
Haldir grinned, at the thought of the wildcat. He could still see the way she had fought tooth and nail, when she woke, after he had knocked her unconscious; for mind attacking the Lady. She was a formidable warrior and absolutely glorious in high temper, but, alas, he could no longer look at her, as a desirable elleth. Haldir knew, it would be one of the few regrets in his long life, but, he had already known, it was only desire and intrigue, and not love, that drew him to the ranger in the first place. They were now friends and for that, he gave thanks the Valar! Gathering up the now empty bottle, Haldir gathered his belongings and weapons. Taking a last look around the talan to assure himself everything was in order, Haldir quietly closed the door behind him, and proceeded to make his way to the border talans. He had grave business there! It was none, of the fell and fearsome creatures of Mordor, that the March warden thought of as he traveled to his duty, but a very sneaky sentinel who was soon to have a very busy duty shift and grueling tasks, beyond the normal. Whistling a merry little tune, Haldir looked forward to the next few days. The were many days being a leader was wearisome but then, like today, being a March warden had its rewards.  
Orophin had been watching Briar, since she had joined the other wardens, at the border, for this particular shift. She was more confident and brazen. Her usual reluctance to join in, with the normal border, off duty play was gone as well. She laughed, joked, played a few games of chance and sang three songs, instead of the usual one that they had to cajole out of her. Every so often, the sentinel would get a far away look and a self satisfied, slightly creepy smile. It was as if she knew something, no one else had yet to figure out, and it was driving him and his younger brother, Rumil, nearly insane with curiosity. Her smile deepened every time their brother's name was mentioned. They were so going to pin Haldir down, as soon as Elvenly possible, and get to the bottom of the mystery.
Orophin shuddered, when he caught sight of Rumil's mule stubborn face, just as he hopped up and followed Briar to a tree further away from the others. Orophin knew what was on his brother's mind, so he made his way there just in time to hear Briar say, "Rumil I plan to court your arrogant, intelligent, pig headed, handsome, jackass of a brother! Do you have any strong objections?" The two younger brothers simultaneously choked in shock, before croaking out an astonished, "No, none I can think of. Umm, Briar, does Haldir know you are planning this?"  The grin that split the sentinel's face, made both brothers fear for her sanity and Haldir's safety. "Oh I let him know!!  I left him a note, detailing my intent and a very practical present!" With the wicked grin still gracing her features, Briar gathered up her weapons and went to relieve the watch. She left the two brothers, blinking at each other in the silence.
Finally, Rumil turned to Orophin, "Brother, do you think it is safe to stay here, or should we move to Moria, until Haldir calms down??" With a sigh, of pained knowledge, Orophin shook his head and replied sadly, "No, Rumil, I do not think Moria is far enough away! If we leave now, we may make it to the Grey Havens, but when Haldir finds us it will go ill for us. Might as well stay and watch the fireworks!"  Nodding in acceptance of the wisdom of Orophin's words, Rumil followed his brother back to the others like an elf to the gallows.

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