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1. Eregion


Eärendil's Memories: Seen From Afar (a drabble and a half)

He stared off across the sea. With every grey wave he watched washing up against the remnants of the quays, his memories wandered back farther in time:

back to bleak-bright days witnessed from afar.

The days of Eregion in bloom: red berries bright against gleaming, dark green leaves – brilliant golden rings held in a hand blackened by fire.

That was the way Celebrimbor had come into the history of Arda as well: idolized his skills and his love, brilliant against the darkness of his forge and the shadow of the deceiver, gleaming just like his rings in the dark ashes of his forge.

That was also the way Celebrimbor was carried out of the history of Arda: bright-white in the darkening sky with his broken body wound around the standard of Sauron.

He had not been there.
But he had seen it, from afar:

bleak-bright days of Eregion in bloom.


The trees of this foreign country did not know him – he could not tell if that saddened him or relieved him. However, the watchfulness of the dark crows wheeling above them definitely did bother him.

During his watch Legolas moved uneasily among broken boulders that might have been buildings once. As he placed his hands on the stones, an icy draught swept through his hand. He drew back quickly. He knew it was only a ghost of an ancient time; but the pain he felt was still real and perhaps would never fade.

This was Hollin that once was Eregion.

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