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1. Report: The Gilded Lion - 1445 T.A.


Established in 1428 of this Age, The Gilded Lion (further details attached) has been found to be unremarkable in terms of items served.. The ale is tolerable, but in no way extraordinary enough to warrant the trip to such a questionable neighborhood. The food is precisely as one would expect -- overspiced meat pies, undercooked pastries, stew claiming to be mutton which tastes more like rabbit.

The average patron is a man of advanced years, with little to do but to play games of chance or to speak of doubtful past glories in battle. The tavern-keeper (further details attached) is a surly type who would barely speak when asked about the history of his establishment. Though the proprietor did deign to emphasize that the Gilded Lion is not a sporting house, there are reports that women have been seen entering the premises after nightfall.

The neighborhood which surrounds the tavern is no place a man of the King's army should find himself, for there are children running rampant in the lane, and they will not hesitate to shout rude words regarding a man's parentage and personal cleanliness. Their parents are no better, and one man was clearly disdainful of my uniform. Inquiry uncovered that this disrespectful man is an instrument maker who owns the shop directly across from the entrance of the Gilded Lion. (further details attached)

The Gilded Lion cannot be recommended. It is my assessment that it should be off-limits for any and all of the King's men, except those operating in an official capacity. Additionally, when I entered the establishment, the name "Eldacar" was being spoken, though all such conversation ceased the moment the patrons caught sight of me.

From the above reported observations, it is my suspicion that the Gilded Lion is a gathering place for those insurgents who would remove our Wise and Honourable King, Castamir, from his throne. I hearby recommend that it be placed under investigation.

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