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Inn of Go-Fast Town

1. King and Kitchen Wench

Twenty-five leagues lie between Go-Fast Town and the shores of Long Lake to the north. From there, the distance between Lake-Town and the Elven King's hall is merely miles.

Bessain of Hollin kept the Elven King's hall long after the death of the queen, for she had been the queen’s mentor and best friend. One day Bessain said, "Thranduil, autumn is coming. We need many supplies before the snow falls. Salt, silk, parchment. Bayberry candles and sweet soap. A winter's order of wine."

"Very well. I will send to the merchants of Lake-town."

"I think you should go yourself, Thranduil. Get about more in the world. My Dwarf friends tell me that Go-Fast Town has an autumn market fair. That is only two days from Lake-town. Come!" she coaxed. "Let us go to Lake-town and thence rafting down the river to Go-Fast."

"It is not my place to do the marketing, Kitchen Wench," replied Thranduil, although the truth was, he had little heart for anything except walking by the banks of the stream Enchanted.

"It is no easy matter to be the Kitchen Wench of Thranduil," said Bessain. She marched over to Thranduil's place at table and crowned the surprised king smartly on the head with a handy bunch of flowers. As petals fluttered everywhere, she leaned over and kissed the smitten place. "I will do your marketing, My Lord King. Yours to command. Galion shall see to the kitchens while I am gone."

"Take Legolas with you!" Thranduil called after her. "I worry he does not get out much."

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