Change One Thing, See What Happens

Paradox of the Fourth Age

20. Chapter 19 ~ In the Places That You Hide

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Gazing over the golden plains near Edoras, Laurëanna twisted the ribbons on her dress around her finger as she chewed on her lower lip. She had ridden along with Elrohir and Elladan to meet their family, who was traveling from Lothlórien and Imladris to Edoras, to escort them back to Meduseld. She and the brothers had stopped along a stream to allow the horses to drink the cool water while they waited for their party. While the twins were in joyous moods waiting to be reunited with their loved ones, Laurëanna was almost as anxious as she was happy. At last she would see her father. But knowing he would not know her was difficult for her.


Flitting her eyes at Elrohir, Laurëanna tried to appear calmer than she felt. He reached out and grabbed her hands. "You need to calm yourself and stop fidgeting. I told you all would be well."

"Yes, I am sure you know best how your family will react to the news," she said with a slight smile.

The week they had spent in Minas Tirith followed by the weeks in Edoras had dragged on for Laurëanna. Now the day to see her father again was at hand and she was a nervous wreck. Would he know her when he saw her? What of Lady Galadriel or Lord Elrond? How would they feel about Elrohir's marriage to an unknown elleth of Mirkwood?

"What is it my love?" Elrohir asked stroking her fingers gently. "Do you not believe that my family will accept you as soon as they see my love for you?"

"I know but…" Laurëanna glanced away to gaze upon the horizon again. "I am merely nervous. After all, your father is Lord Elrond and your grandmother is Lady Galadriel, two of the most powerful elves in Middle Earth. Of course they will accept me because of their love for you and a desire for your happiness, but will they like me?"

"No." Elrohir replied and she jerked her head to look at him in terror. "They will grow to love you." Chuckling he leaned forward and kissed her. "You will see soon my sweet. You will grow to love them as well."

I already do. Laurëanna thought, allowing him to wrap his arms around her. They had been waiting by the stream for a short time and she knew that at any moment Elrohir's family and her father would ride over that hill. All of her questions would soon be answered; if she did not pass out first.

"There they are! I believe they brought all of Imladris with them!" Elladan laughed as he mounted his horse and galloped towards his family.

"I will wait here. Perhaps you can tell them all before they reach me," Laurëanna smiled weakly.

"No, you will be by my side as you were meant to be," Elrohir said handing her the reins to her horse, Méle. The horse, a wedding gift from Éowyn and Eomer, nuzzled her hand affectionately, sensing her owner's nervousness. With mixed emotions, Laurëanna mounted the mare and followed Elrohir.


"Elladan!" Arwen called out, dismounting and running into her brother's arms. "I have missed you so much and this is the longest journey of my life!"

"Patience little sister. You still have far to travel to your new home," Elladan laughed. "It is good to see you as well. Although I did not miss you one bit."

"You lie," Arwen gasped indignantly and slapped his arm Elladan walked to his father and the two embraced. "Adar, I hope your journey has been relatively uneventful."

"The roads are much safer but we took special precautions, of course," Elrond answered.

Elladan greeted Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn before Arwen asked, "Who is that with Elrohir?"

"I will let him tell you the news." Elladan smirked and Arwen's eyes widened in surprise before he nodded curtly.

"Sweet Elbereth!" Arwen whispered before Elrohir and Laurëanna reached them. Elrond studied their twin looks of secrecy and shook his head.

Elrohir dismounted then helped Laurëanna dismount. He felt her trembling so he took her hand in his, squeezing tightly.

"Arwen, Ada, I am relieved you made it safely," he said before turning to Laurëanna. "I want you to meet my wife, Laurëanna."

His comment was met with stunned silence from his father. After a few moments, Arwen blurted out, "Elrohir I am so happy for you." Hugging her brother, she smiled warmly at Laurëanna. "At last I will have a sister. It will be a welcome change."

Laurëanna was having a hard time remembering to breath. Arwen: alive and well and standing before her! When the other elleth hugged her, Laurëanna could not resist embracing her a little tighter.

"Elrohir, you have succeeded in surprising me. But I am most happy for you," Elrond said at last. Walking to his son, he placed both his hands on his son's face before smiling slowly. "I know your heart would not be easily captured so I know Laurëanna must deeply love you." When Laurëanna finally released Arwen, Elrond embraced her. "You are brave to bind yourself to one so strong willed as my son, little one."

"Yes, she is," Lady Galadriel said coming to Elrohir. Her arm around him, she reached out and took Laurëanna's hand in her own. "But Elrohir's heart is pure and his love fierce. You will find no better…" Suddenly Galadriel stopped speaking, her eyes filled with tears. Dropping Laurëanna's hands, she took a hasty step back from her.

"Grandmother? What is it?" Arwen reached out to her as the color drained from her face, her smile replaced by a haunted look.

After a moment, Galadriel finally said, "Forgive me. I must be wearier from the trip than I realized. I just need to sit down for a few moments in the shade." With no further explanation she turned and walked towards the tree line.

Laurëanna felt a hard lump in her stomach. She forced a smile as Elrohir introduced the rest of the family, including Celeborn before he went to check on Galadriel. She felt Galadriel's eyes on her always and wondered what had caused her to react that way. What had she seen in her?

"My love, I want you to meet someone who has been like family for as long as I can remember. Laurëanna, this is Lord Glorfindel," Elrohir said.

Laurëanna spun around and had to force herself to not fling herself into her father's arms. She furiously tried to blink back tears. His blue eyes gazed at her curiously, a gentle smile on his face.

"It is my pleasure, Laurëanna," he finally replied.

Unable to help herself and much to her distress and Elrohir's confusion, Laurëanna's tears began to spill over and run down her face. "It is…an… honor… Lord… Lord… Glorfindel," she finally managed to stammer before turning away to try to compose herself.


The ride back to Meduseld was awkward for everyone. Both Galadriel and Laurëanna were quiet despite reassuring their husbands that they were fine. Arwen and Elladan tried to keep a constant chatter going to fill the silence. While Glorfindel retreated to the rear of the party to ride with Erestor, for the whole trip Laurëanna felt his gaze boring into the back of her head.

Upon their arrival at Meduseld, Eomer King and his advisors greeted the party and the official introductions were made in the Grand Hall. Afterwards, Eomer joined the elves in a smaller room for a less formal reunion of the twins with their family. Laurëanna excused herself quickly and practically ran to her room, literally bumping into Éowyn in the long hallway coming from the kitchen beside the Grand Hall.

"Éowyn! I…thought you were with Eomer and the others," Laurëanna blurted out as the two righted themselves.

"I am going. I…" Éowyn looked away sheepishly. "Laurëanna… Surely you understand why I am reluctant to meet Aragorn's family? Arwen is with them! What do I say to her? He was so kind to me and I made a fool of myself when I thought I loved him."

Laurëanna nodded. She did feel sympathy for Éowyn's discomfort, but she was exasperated as well. After all, as far as everyone knew, she had just met her new family for the first time. Trying to put herself in Éowyn's place, she replied, "Yes but you love Faramir now, not Aragorn. And most likely Arwen does not know of your feelings for Aragorn. If she does, I do not think she will harbor any ill will towards you."

"No, I do not think she will," Éowyn admitted. "Perhaps that is worse though. She will probably pity me."

"Éowyn, you worry too much. You are a hero, the slayer of the Witch King! I do not think pity is what anyone will feel for you."

"Perhaps," Éowyn nodded. "But why are you not with the others? I am certain they are most curious to know more about Elrohir's bride."

"I…well…I…" Laurëanna stammered then realized she had no good reason for avoiding his family that Éowyn could know. "I was overwhelmed, then made a fool of myself so I was going to hide." Grinning, she added, "With you."

"Well perhaps we both better stop hiding and just face this dreadful affair. It cannot possibly be as horrible as we fear," Éowyn replied. Putting her hand under Laurëanna's elbow she turned her around so they both were walking towards the Golden Hall.

If only you knew, Laurëanna thought before forcing a smile on her face as they entered the room. The more intimate setting less tense for her, she still had to worry that someone would notice how unnerved she was. Elrohir walked to her, and taking her still trembling hand, pulled her closer.

"Laurëanna, please tell me what it is that troubles you so. Is it because of my grandmother's reaction? I am certain she did not mean to upset you. Sometimes she is just…" Elrohir struggled for the right word. "…difficult to get to know, I suppose. But she will warm up to you, I promise."

"We should not have told them about our marriage the way we did. We should have sent a messenger, or waited until they had settled in, or something. They did not seem pleased learning of it the way they did." Laurëanna snuck a glance at Galadriel, who sat by herself across the room from them, a pensive expression on her face.

"It was a surprise but not a bad one so do not worry. My family is happy that I have found love at last," Elrohir insisted.

Turning, Laurëanna saw Arwen and Elladan walking in Éowyn's direction. She felt that her friend would need a little extra support so she tugged Elrohir over to them.

"Lady Undómiel, may I present to you the White Lady of Rohan, Éowyn, sister to Eomer King," Laurëanna said as soon as she was close enough.

"Please, call me Arwen. I have heard many things about you, Éowyn," Arwen replied with a nod. "Elladan has told me you are the fearless warrior who defeated the Witch King on the Pelennor."

Éowyn blushed, replying, "I do not think fearless is the accurate word for it." Everyone laughed.

"Do not let her fool you, Lady Arwen. My sister is more fearless than I am, I assure you," Eomer added, moving to stand beside his sister. "She also can drink and swear worse than any pirate if you upset her."

"Eomer!" Éowyn squealed over everyone's laughter. "It was your refusal to let me ride into battle that contributed to me being there."

"I imagine I will never hear the end of that either." Eomer winked at the twins. "The poor Witch King never heard about the dangers of a woman scorned I imagine."

"We learned early to what lengths a sister will go to avenge herself when she thinks herself wronged," Elladan said winking at Arwen. "Arwen is more vicious than either of us when it comes to revenge."

"Not more vicious, just more…inventive." Arwen smiled. "After all, I am a lady."

"Appearances are often deceiving," Elrohir added, to which Arwen narrowed her eyes.

"Come ladies. Let us leave these males to easier prey. I would like to introduce Éowyn to my grandmother," Arwen said, leading Laurëanna and Éowyn away from the men. Having no choice, Laurëanna simply followed and hoped that she would not upset Galadriel again.


"Laurëanna, do you have family in Mirkwood?" Arwen asked as they approached Galadriel.

"No. I was an only child and both my parents are gone now." Laurëanna's tone of voice discouraged further questions. Scanning the hall her gaze fell on her father who stood studying her. Her heart sped up. He knew her. Taravil had told her that her mother would know her fëa. Would Glorfindel know as well? Would it hurt him to feel some unknown connection to her that he was not able to understand? Valar! She wished she had someone to whom she could ask these questions.

'I need to know if Lothlórien is in danger now.' Laurëanna heard Galadriel's voice and turned to look at her, startled. At first she thought she had spoken out loud then she realized that she was speaking to her mind.

'I saw it burning. You know the truth. My husband…' Galadriel's gaze bore into her.

'No. Nothing you saw will happen.' Laurëanna thought, then paused. 'I do not think it will at least.'

"Grandmother, this is Éowyn, The White Lady of Rohan. Éowyn this is Lady Galadriel of Lórien." Galadriel turned to look at Arwen and Éowyn before smiling placidly.

"It is an honor to meet you, Lady Galadriel. I heard many stories of you from Gimli, Legolas, and Aragorn." Éowyn bowed her head respectfully.

"No, the honor is mine, Lady Éowyn, slayer of the Witch King. You have done something that only prophecies foretold." Galadriel then looked at Laurëanna.

The women made small talk for some time before Galadriel stood. "If you will excuse us, I would like to spend some time with Elrohir's lovely wife. I think we started uneasily and have much to talk about. Laurëanna, perhaps you could join me for a walk?"

Looking desperately for an excuse, any excuse to refuse, Laurëanna finally nodded and followed Galadriel towards the door. Neither spoke until they were on a portico, right outside the room they had left. Unable to stand the tension, she blurted out, "I am sorry that we surprised you with the news of our marriage. I know that we handled it badly…"

"Do you honestly believe that is why I am upset?" Galadriel cut in. Her eyes delved deep into Laurëanna's. "You know what I saw. Do not feign ignorance."

Quickly, Laurëanna glanced away and took a few steps forward, around Galadriel, her mind racing. She could not face Galadriel and flat out lie to her with any hope of convincing her. So desperate were Laurëanna's thoughts that she did not focus on her path, and she was surprised when Galadriel stepped in front of her and grasped her hard above the elbows.

"Child, I do not know you but you are familiar to me. I saw things in your mind that showed me we have a past; we were once very close. Yet I also see the most horrifying sights within you. I must know…" Galadriel, visibly shaken, paused in her impassioned plea.

Laurëanna shook her head then lowered it, concealing her eyes and hopefully the lie. "My lady, I do not know what it is you saw, but perhaps you…misread what you saw."

"I saw my granddaughter covered in blood, ripped apart by those most foul. My husband facing a similar fate before our woodland realm burned to ash. I saw things as horrifying to me as Dagor Bragollach and Nírnaeth Arnoediad." Cupping Laurëanna's chin in her hand, Galadriel forced her to look up at her. "I see in your eyes that you know what I speak of."

"Lady Galadriel…I do not know what to say. If I could tell you more than I have, then I would. I do not wish to upset you." Her voice cracked and she took a deep breath to steady herself.

"Do you have the gift of foresight, child?"

Laurëanna struggled for an answer that would end this questioning, and she finally thought of something. "It was a nightmare I have dreamed. A horrible, horrible nightmare and when I first saw you and Arwen I was reminded of it. But it is not foresight. No, it is just a nightmare."

"You do realize that Eru would not allow me to see something I was not meant to, do you not, Laurëanna? I saw these things in you and if they are meant to happen, then you need to tell me."

"It was just a nightmare. Please believe me. I cannot reassure you more than that, and I realize you have no reason to trust me, but you have my word." Laurëanna took Galadriel's hands in hers. "Please trust me. I would never allow anything to happen to Elrohir's loved ones. He is my world and I would protect anyone in his heart."

After a moment of studying her, Galadriel finally sighed. "I trust that. I do not understand what is happening but I know enough to know you do not ever want to hurt Elrohir. Perhaps one day you will trust me as I have trusted you and tell me what I wish to know."

"Thank you for trusting me. You will not regret it." Letting go of Galadriel's hands, Laurëanna smiled. "We better go inside before the others come looking for us." Walking towards the doors to Meduseld, she stopped short with a gasp when she heard Galadriel's words echoing in her mind.

"Laurëanna, when will you tell Glorfindel that you are his daughter?"


Laurëanna fled down the hall to her room avoiding everyone, urgently needing a moment to think and recover from her meeting with Galadriel. She chewed on her fingernail and paced back and forth for some time.

What if Galadriel tells Elrohir or Glorfindel what she knows? How could she know?

"My sweet, you are wearing a path in the floor." Elrohir sounded amused and she turned to find him leaning casually against the doorframe. Forcing a laugh, she allowed him to wrap his arms around her. He pulled her close. "I do not know what has you so concerned but you need not be. You have faced my family and, not only survived but also emerged victorious. Even my grandmother seems to be quite taken by you."

"What did she say?" Laurëanna looked at him sharply.

"All good things. I knew once she had a few moments to speak to you that she would see all of your goodness and charm. At least as long as you did not call her a toad, as you did me. I still managed to fall in love with you."

"You were acting like a warg. I think calling you a toad was quite restrained and ladylike." Feeling some of the tension soothing away in his presence, she kissed him below his ear, then rested her head on his shoulder. "Elrohir, if they had hated me…"

"They do not and they would not hate you," he argued.

"But if they had, if they thought I was dreadful and horrible, would you ever stop loving me?" Laurëanna smiled slightly.

"Do you not remember our vows? I vowed to love you until the end of our days." His whispered promise sent chills up her spine as heat flushed her body.

"Where are the others Elrohir? Are we neglecting anything important?" Moving her hands up his tunic, she dug her nails into his back as she nibbled on his neck.

"No…" Elrohir guided her towards the bed. "In fact I think I would be horribly neglectful if I did not ravish you right now."

Feeling safe in his arms, Laurëanna lost herself within his embrace, letting him soothe her fears and doubts.


The days spent in Edoras and traveling back to Minas Tirith taxed Laurëanna because she tried to avoid so many topics of discussion. However, she enjoyed finally getting the chance to know Arwen and Celeborn. Having Elrond there was comforting as well, even if he just thought of her as his son's new wife. At least there was something familiar there.

Glorfindel seemed so different to her. She now saw the side of him that others had spoken of when she was younger. He rarely smiled and seemed so empty of the warmth she knew from him. He often silently watched her, curiously.

One day when Elrohir was riding ahead alongside Elladan, Laurëanna asked Arwen, "Tell me about Lord Glorfindel?"

"Glorfindel? He is a brave and noble warrior. He has a beautiful heart but he rarely allows anyone close to him. I keep hoping that one day he will find his true love and be happy," Arwen replied. "I had almost given up hope for Elrohir so perhaps it can still happen for Glorfindel. Why do you ask?"

"He seems …full of tragedy. It wraps around him tightly, not allowing his true aura to shine." Laurëanna realized how strange her observation might seem and hastily added, "I merely wondered if he had recently suffered a loss."

"No. Glorfindel has always been guarded. When he grows more comfortable with someone, he lessens this somewhat but I do not think that many have gotten close to him. He suffered great tragedy in the First Age and it lingers still. He saw many he loved die in the fall of Gondolin so now he tries to guard his heart against losing someone again." Arwen brushed a hair behind her ear.

Laurëanna let Arwen change the subject so as not to appear too curious and cause questions. They talked of Gondor and the city of Minas Tirith, Laurëanna sensed that Arwen was growing quite nervous the closer they came to their destination.

That night by the fire, Elrohir and Laurëanna sat with Arwen and Elladan talking late into the night. Glorfindel joined them after some time and eventually they were all laughing while telling wild stories of their childhoods.

"And where is your family?" Glorfindel asked quietly.

'Right here.' Laurëanna bit the inside of her cheek. "It is only me now."

"No, now you have us." Arwen said smiling. "Unfortunately that comes with both good and bad. But since you have married half of the problem, I suppose you enjoy the torment."

Elladan playfully grabbed his sister and began to tickle her. When her laughter grew too loud, Glorfindel separated the two of them. Laurëanna could not stop smiling as she watched. She had her father and love of her life with her, plus his brother she had grown to love and the sister she had wanted to meet. The only thing she needed now was her mother and she hoped soon she could solve that problem.

The others drifted off to bed leaving only her, Elrohir and Glorfindel. Elrohir was talking about the events on the Paths of the Dead as Laurëanna rested her head in his lap.

"I think perhaps we should try to sleep or we will struggle tomorrow. Goodnight Laurëanna," Glorfindel said.

Half asleep, Laurëanna mumbled, "Goodnight Ada."


He felt water filling his lungs as once again the waves dragged him under. Fighting hard against the iron grip on his leg, Elrohir thrashed angrily away from whatever held him. Darkness crashed around him until suddenly - nothingness.

Screams, primal, both in pain and fury, surrounded him when he opened his eyes. Fire licked at his skin, closing in around him.


Even over the screams, he heard Laurëanna and jumped to his feet, trying to determine where she was. He realized he was not alone as he turned to find Glorfindel and a fair-haired elleth lying beside him. Blood poured from Glorfindel's wounds, coursing through the leaves and over the ground. The elleth did not move and a trickle of blood seeped from her nose and ears. Crouching down, Elrohir tried to wake Glorfindel.

"You must find her," Glorfindel whispered, and clutched at his arm with blood-drenched fingers. "She is caught between two worlds. Only you can keep her grounded in this one or else she will be ripped out of both and lost to us all."

"Who? Who is caught between two worlds?" Elrohir coughed as the smoke grew denser.

"My daughter. Elrohir, promise me you will keep her safe."

Once again, he heard Laurëanna screaming his name and he turned away from Glorfindel for a moment. When he turned back, he was alone. Jerking around, he looked for Glorfindel for a minute before stumbling through the flames trying to find his wife.


Elrohir jolted awake, covered in sweat. When he opened his eyes, Laurëanna was shaking him gently.

"My sweet, you are having a nightmare," she said. Sitting up he grabbed her and held her tightly, his breath coming unevenly.

"What is it?" she asked.

"Nothing…I mean…I am not certain. Something was wrong and I could not find you but there was more that I did not understand." Awake now, the dream's events grew hazier. "Never mind, it was nothing. Let us go back to sleep." Lying down, Elrohir kept a firm grip on his wife, even after her breathing grew slower and he knew she slept.

He lay awake trying to understand the dream for some time before finally drifting off to sleep again.


Two days from Minas Tirith, Elrohir finally found a moment to speak to his grandmother alone about his nightmare. As Celeborn rode ahead deep in discussion with Elrond, Galadriel glanced at Elrohir a few times before she spoke.

"You wish to know why I reacted to Laurëanna the way I did when we met. I am surprised you did not ask sooner." She watched his face, the way he glanced away quickly as if embarrassed. "You did not ask because you are afraid to know."

Elrohir nodded silently. "Laurëanna has many secrets, wrapped around her like a shroud. There will always be a part of her that I cannot reach if she does not share these with me. Yet I know she believes she is protecting me."

"Perhaps she is unable to tell you." Galadriel replied. "I do not know these secrets, if that is what you wish to know, but I would not tell you what she is not ready to share with you herself. You have bound yourself to her; you love her. Love is without limits. You must accept that these secrets are part of her. Do not dwell on them."

"I understand. And I love her beyond what I thought was possible, but I am very concerned. I had a dream the other night." Elrohir told Galadriel about the dream and the two rode in silence for some time. Finally he asked, "What do you think the dream means?"

After a moment she smiled gently. "Now, you know I will not tell you what you must see for yourself. What do you think the meaning is?"

"Glorfindel came back to Middle Earth from the Halls of Mandos," Elrohir said uneasily.

"Yes?" Galadriel's eyes widened. "And you think…"

"Is it possible? Could she have been his daughter in Gondolin and he does not remember her? Or perhaps she too died in the Fall of Gondolin and was released from Mandos yet they do not remember who they were to each other?" Elrohir's eyes reflected his inner turmoil, making Galadriel ache for him.

"I do not know. I do not think…" she paused, for a moment uncertain herself. Turning towards him, she looked at him perceiving his struggle to understand and put his mind at rest. "I wish I could ease your mind. Yet I cannot. Whether she was in Gondolin or not, and no matter whose daughter she is, she is your beloved and that does not change. Yours is a union of love and that is her future and yours. You cannot live in the past Elrohir, always wondering. Your whole life has been about war and avenging your mother. Now you have been blessed with love. You can torture yourself with questions about your wife's past or you can spend your days enjoying your love and letting it heal your old wounds. It is your choice but know this, if you persist in dwelling on these secrets they will always remain a shadow on your union."

Elrohir nodded, his jaw tightening. It was difficult for him to not search for the truth but he knew from the last few weeks with Laurëanna, the more he tried to push her to open up and tell him everything, the more he pushed her away. "I know you are right, grandmother."

"Of course I am. That goes without saying." Galadriel smiled with a wink. "This will be difficult but I think you will find the advantages are worth it; much more rewarding to be in love than to rid Arda of as many orcs as possible."

Elrohir chuckled. His smile lingered as he watched his wife ahead of them. The light danced in her hair, making it seem that at one time she had been part of the sun. As if she sensed his watching her, she turned towards him and once again he felt as if his breath had been stolen. She was the very vision of everything he had ever wanted and the thought of losing her to anything was unbearable. He would not drive her away by his own stubbornness. One day she would reveal her secrets to him.

Since the first day he had seen her, he was drawn to know everything about her. For now he would just have to be content with what she was willing to share. He was fascinated each time he learned something new and he intended to enjoy every moment.

Laurëanna stopped her horse, waving Elladan and Arwen on, and waiting for Galadriel and Elrohir. Her face looked worried at first but after studying her husband and his grandmother, she smiled warmly.

"Have you been telling Lady Galadriel horrible things about me, my love? I feel a prickling sensation in my ears as if someone is speaking about me." She raised an eyebrow but there was no concern in her eyes.

"I was going to tell her about your terrible abuse of me along the Paths of the Dead." Elrohir grinned.

Laurëanna looked indignant. "Your grandson made my life miserable for many days after I met him. He is stubborn and mistrustful. Since he fell in love with me the first moment he saw me, he assumed I had cast a spell over him."

"Untrue. She fell madly in love with me long before I became besotted with her and assumed she had put a spell on me," Elrohir baited her. He loved her mischievous streak, so refreshing and alive. "But it is true. She has put a spell over me and it is not one I wish to break." Riding up beside his wife, he leaned toward her and caressed her cheek, causing her to flush with happiness.

"It is good to see you so happy Elrohir. I told your grandfather that this day would come. I hope that Elladan finds someone to fill his life with such joy as well."

"I am not sure who is up to that task. A cave troll, maybe? I do not know if I would wish that on anyone," Elrohir snorted. Everyone laughed when Elladan's head jerked around to look at his brother as if he had heard the comment.

"Someday, he will find love as well," Galadriel nodded her head knowingly.

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