Yule Mathom Challenge 2005

December 1 - 24 dancing dwarves

2. Dec 1: twenty-four dancing dwarves

Gloín sat back with an easy laugh. He had left a group of young dwarves, decorating the Grand Hall in preparation for the Mid-Winter celebration, in the hands of his son Gimli. Small, colored cut gems were attached discretely to the mantle and sides of the large hearth, ready to sparkle as if on fire themselves when a fire was lit. Gilded adornments shone from the walls. The table glowed with sculptures created for this occasion.

Not much later, he returned to find instead twenty-four dwarves dancing, as the rest watched gleefully. Well, was this not a time to be grateful for one's gifts? Gloín had an admirable son, who was at this moment attempting to demonstrate skill in an elaborate dance. Ah, well, he was better at leading a group into battle than in following a number of elaborate steps to music. Gloín would be grateful for that.

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