Yule Mathom Challenge 2005

December 9 - 16 singing eagles

5. 16 Singing Eagles Practice - by Dean Maia of Este

16 Singing Eagles Practice

"Where is the forth tenor?"


"Contra tenors, straight line along the side. All right, Bass, move over, give the baritones more room. Good. Keep this arrangement, bass, baritone, contra tenor, and tenor in line. Remember, hold heads high and minor wing flaps permitted if it helps one keep time. Now, start as from the last practice."

The director spread his wings and gave one giant flap. Four Eagles in the first line started a simple, almost monotonous sounding of a scale that slowly rose to the form of a multitude of winds. Four more Eagles joined in creating the sound as of the flapping of many wings, strong wings that could endure many hours.

The third row seemed to be simply chattering and peeping until the sound reminded of the flicking of eyes and bobbing of heads and shuffling of feet of a gathered flock. The fourth row was as the whispering of the earth as heard by the great birds as they flew above it.

Then all sounds joined to become the harmonies of the Life of Eagles. The leader again raised his wings then lowered them slowly bringing down the volume and sixteen Eagles ended the song.

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