Yule Mathom Challenge 2005

Gaiety In Gondor

1. Gaiety In Gondor



Yes, my lord?

Why are those men dancing together in such a…brazen…fashion?

My lord, you seemed disappointed by the somber manner of most of our more usual type of gentlemen. You requested gaiety. I was able to find only twenty suitably gay Gondorians, after the sad losses of the War.

Ah. Faramir; when I spoke of gay Gondorians, I meant Gondorian folk of a lively and happy demeanor.

Oh…Forgive my error, sire.

Faramir, I am not your father, no need for contrition.

Thank you, my lord. At least they do dance in a lively manner, do they not?

A bit too lively. I would prefer that they left such behavior in the field; but I shall not spoil the festivities…Faramir, is that big Swan Knight making eyes at me?

It seems so, my lord; but 'tis surely in jest. That is Pongohil, my third cousin twice removed. He flirts with everyone over the age of fourteen. I could stand in front of you if you are uncomfortable, and let him know that his attentions are unwelcome.

No. I will not hide. Let us pray though, that the knight does not so flirt with Eomer. Your uncle would surely be angered if one of his knights was harmed at my court.

Do not worry, my lord. I believe Pongohil now bestows his glance on Legolas.

Make him stop! Gimli will kill him! Faramir, go dance with the man, or something.

I shall dance by him, with Eowyn.

Hasten! Gimli begins to grip his axe-handle!

But hearken, sire! Gimli has set down his axe. He and Legolas are joining the dancers!

That is good! They understand true gaiety..

Truly? An Elf and a Dwarf? Is it possible?.

I meant that they understood the spirit of revelry, Faramir.

Ah. Of course, sire.

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