Yule Mathom Challenge 2005

December 12 - 13 giggling Gamgees

6. Untitled - by Wolfwind

The Gamgees decided to be winter-y today.  Luckily, Rosie sent me this one nearly fully-formed, or I might've copped out.

It was snowing outside, shaping up to be a regular blizzard.  The wind whistled past, if she listened closely.  Only darkness could be seen beyond the lamp in the window.

These were the nights she loved best.

The fire burned brightly, roasting the chestnuts as well as the little ones' toes.  All thirteen of her children sprawled around the hearth, chattering like a flock of magpies.  And if the talk threatened to turn to tears, up Sam would jump to sing his Troll Song, complete with gestures, until they rolled about, giggling.

Yes, these were perfect nights.  This was home.

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