Yule Mathom Challenge 2005

December 17 - 8 eager elves

5. Untitled - by Wolfwind

This one uses the Quenya nicknames for the sons of Feanor (assuming I did it right):  Nelyo = Maedhros, Moryo = Caranthir, Turko = Celegorm, Curufinwe = Curufin, Ambarussa = Amrod & Amras.  (Kano [Maglor] got cut out in the pruning, but he's there!)

Little Curufinwe's wail was loud enough to be heard throughout the house, and Nelyo snatched him up, glaring at Moryo and Turko.  His younger brothers tried to look innocent.  He drew in a deep breath to chastise them, but his grandfather rested a calming hand on his shoulder and he stopped abruptly.

The door opened.  They all sprang eagerly to their feet as Nerdanel's mother waved them inside.

Mother and Father looked exhausted, but they were clearly as eager to introduce the two babies as the boys were to meet them.

Mother spoke first.  "Boys, these are your brothers, Ambarussa."

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