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Not In This World

5. Last Night You Saved My Life

The next evening, Celeborn and Roselinde were seated at the table, enjoying a light supper of mixed greens, cheese and bread. At first, Roselinde was surpised when he served the meal. With the substitution of bread for the crackers, she wasn't quite sure how he knew what she liked to eat for light lunches. In their brief time together so far, they talked about their lives before meeting, but this part never came up. Roselinde could almost believe the he could read her mind. Something like this had often frightened her away from lovers that got too close, but she felt none of that fear with Celeborn. From the moment she saw him, and could really touch him, she felt different. It was like she was new again, and she felt whole – complete in every sense of the word.

Taking her glass of wine, she looked at him and watched as he ate. A tiny shiver coursed through her when she caught sight of his fingers. He could work magic with those fingers, as well as the rest of him. Celeborn was wearing only his robes. There hadn't been a need to wear much else since they got here. Smiling, she took a long drink of wine and kept watching him. As often as they talked about their previous lives, they spent more time making love. Anything could ignite their passion for each other; a touch, a look, a barely whispered word, or sometimes only the thought would be enough to get them started. Roselinde had to admit that she loved the way he responded to her, and the way she responded to him. She never felt so alive before meeting Celeborn.

"Why are you smiling?" he asked her when he caught her staring at him.

"I'm just thinking," she replied. Celeborn lifted an eyebrow and grinned at her, able to at least catch on to half of what she was thinking. Roselinde's smile grew wider.

"Oh? And just what was on your mind, meleth-nin?"

"Many things," she quipped, getting up from her chair and coming around the table to him.

Celeborn pushed his chair away from the table as Roselinde stood beside him. He drank in the sight of her, dressed in the black satin negligee, and gazing at him with lust-darkened hazel eyes. Reaching for her with one hand, he caressed her thigh lightly, moving upward and under the hem. She shivered delightfully, and stepped closer to him so he could touch her more. Obliging her, his hand slid sensually up to her pelvis, over to her waist, and then around to her backside. He grabbed a handful and and was rewarded with a low moan and breathy sigh from her beautiful lips. Bending over him, she put her hands on his shoulders. Roselinde's long, coppery hair fell forward, tickling the part of his chest that was exposed to her. With his other hand, he pushed the lower part of his robe from his legs, revealing his hardening arousal. Her laughter was soft and breathy as she pulled her negligee up, straddled his legs, and settled herself so that they were touching intimately.

Roselinde's hands came down from his shoulders to his chest as she massaged his muscles and toyed with his nipples. Celeborn groaned as he grew even more excited than before, and he let her brush his robe off his shoulders. He worked his arms free, and then urged her to take off the last remaining piece of clothing between them by sliding his hands up her body, under the negligee. Taking the hint, she finished the job, and Roselinde was once again naked.

"Was this one of the things you were thinking about?" he managed to ask as she inched her way forward a little.

Roselinde only smiled, reached down between them and grasped his sex lightly in her hand. With steady movements, she stroked up and down his hard length, and Celeborn groaned again letting his head fall back as she pleasured him. The heat of her hand and the heat from her desire drove him wild, and she knew it. But he wasn't about to let her have all the fun, either. Lifting his head so that he could look at her, he brought his hands up to her breasts and began to knead them, teasing her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. Much to his pleasure, they hardened into little peaks, and he sat up in order to taste them.

"One of the things," she whispered her answer as his mouth replaced one of his hands on her breast.

Roselinde felt she would soon burst into flame from the way he worked his mouth. Sucking, licking, even nibbling each breast, leaving no part untouched, and concentrating more on her sensitized nipples. Celeborn knew what made her crave more and proceded to use that knowledge against her. Not that she minded in the least, really, and soon she felt the yearning need to have him within her. She was the one to initiate the lovemaking this time, but she was his to do whatever he wanted of her. By mutual, wordless agreement, they both stopped what they were doing. His hands went to her waist and aided her as she lifted herself up, positioned his erection at her entrance, and then slowly descended again, taking him completely inside her. Both sighed with relief at being joined, and Roselinde began to rock her hips back and forth.

It wasn't the first time they made love like this, having done so this morning after breakfast. Roselinde still smelled like the strawberries he ate off of her body, and he could still detect the sweetness of the honey he had drizzled over her chest. They'd taken a shower afterward, of course, but the scents still lingered, and smelling strawberries and honey would always remind him of his Roselinde. Celeborn felt her begin to lose control, so he grabbed her hips to hold her still, waiting a few moments before thrusting up into her. She held onto his shoulders with a vice-like grip, moaning through her haggard breathing. But as her control began to slip, so did his, and they moved at a frenzied pace until both were crying out in utter abandon with their shared rapture. She collapsed against his chest and he fell back in the chair, wrapping his arms around her and holding her tight. Neither of them moved and he was still joined with her.

"Sweet Eru, Roselinde, what you do to me," he murmured into her hair. "Almost an entire day has gone by since you came to me, and I cannot bear thinking of another moment without you."

"You too?" she asked. Roselinde pushed herself up enough so that she could look into his eyes. He nodded and she knew he spoke the truth. In her heart, she knew that he would never lie to her. "I feel whole when I'm with you," she admitted to him, reaching up to run her finger over his lips. "I've never felt that before with anyone."

"Promise you will stay, Roselinde. I could not bear it if you left."

"I'm not going to leave you. Ever. This is my home now and it will be for as long as time allows us."

Celeborn wondered if she realised how much of a reminder it was for him of her mortality. For all that they'd been together one day, it felt like she was so much a part of him that she could live forever. He lost count of how many millenia he lived through, and how many more he would see pass by. Time didn't have the same meaning for him as it did for her. Roselinde was twenty-eight in the reckoning of Men. To her way of thinking, it was old enough to have experienced quite a lot in life, but still young that she still had plenty of time to experience more before the years began to take their toll. She had explained it to him before they fell asleep in each other's arms last night. It saddened Celeborn to think that she would still leave him, though it would be death that took her away, something that was not up to Roselinde to decide. Shaking himself of his melancholy thoughts, he kissed her deeply. Her fingers tangled in his hair, and he felt himself growing harder again within her. The kiss broke when Roselinde gasped and her body quivered with need.

They were well on their way to bringing each other to climatic heights when a knock on the door caught their attention. It wasn't enough to stop them, and they continued on thinking it was just their imagination. After another minute, the knocking started again, only louder and more rapidly. This time, Roselinde stopped everything, letting her displeasure at being interrupted be known by cursing loudly. The knock came again, and she lifted herself off him, grabbed her negligee and ran to the bedroom. Celeborn growled lowly as he stood up and put his robes back on, making sure it was tied securely. He wasn't in the pleasantest of moods when he went to the door and opened it.

His mouth fell open when he found himself looking at Eonwe, herald of Manwe.

"Is the lady Roselinde with you?"

"Yes, she is," Celeborn answered, though he was a little out of breath. Both from his lovemaking with Roselinde moments before, to the shock of seeing the herald at his door. "May I ask why you ask for her?"

"She has been summoned by Varda to the meetinghouse. Immediately."


"That has not been told to me, Lord Celeborn, but you are also summoned. I am to escort you both there."

"We will be ready as quickly as possible, my lord." They bowed slightly with respect, and Celeborn shut the door quietly. He was astonished at this turn of events, and practically ran back the bedroom.

Roselinde was still beautifully naked when he found her washing herself in the bathroom. Water ran down her body in tiny rivulets and it was all he could do to keep himself from taking her from behind. Celeborn fought the urge and kept himself in reasonable control, even though Roselinde bent at the waist, giving him an awesome view of her femininity.

"You tease me, meleth-nin," he said lowly. Roselinde looked back at him, but did not look in the least bit surprised to see him there.

"What do you intend to do about it?" she asked slyly. But she saw the look on his face. He closed his eyes, clenched his hands at his sides, and was visibly trying to keep himself where he was. It was not at all like him to do this to her. Something was wrong. She straightened up and reached for the towel, wrapping it around her. "Who was at the door, Celeborn?"

"Eonwe," he answered, finally looking at her. "We are summoned by Varda. We must leave immediately."


"I do not know." Celeborn saw the distress in her eyes, and gathered her up in his arms. "I am sorry, Roselinde. I would not willingly refuse you or your body. But Eonwe is waiting to escort us to the meetinghouse. We cannot delay, and you know what would happen if we…"

"True," she conceded, but not without reaching into his robe and running her hands over his chest. Roselinde smiled wickedly. "We can finish what we started when we're back home." Then, she pulled out of his arms and dropped the towel, getting dressed in her black negligee.

They met Eonwe at the door, and followed him down the main road that would take them to the meetinghouse and to the Vala that had summoned them.


The drive home would be a long one for Michael and the interstate was almost devoid of any other traffic. He wanted to get home to Melissa and Bobby, but there was a part of him that wanted to see Roz again. His dreams of making mad, passionate love to his wife had made the meetings with the clients unbearable at times, he knew that having sex with Roz would be even more fulfilling. Melissa was great in bed, but Roz was excellent. He had to have her again, feel her writhing underneath him, and hear her cry out his name when she came.

Michael's thoughts kept straying back to the last time he saw Roz. It was at this quaint little tearoom in the town she lived in, where he found her. She told him she wouldn't have sex with him anymore, and she was walking away from him. She refused sex with him, and it was Roz that once said he was the best fuck she ever had! Her refusal made him wonder if she was lying to him the entire time during their affair. He remembered getting over his shock of her admission in time to catch a glimpse of her perfect ass before she rounded a corner and was gone from his sight. At that time, he swore he wouldn't come back to her, even if she begged him to. Not that she ever begged anything of him, except maybe when he pulled out of her body just as she was on the verge of climaxing. Only then, did Roz Carroll beg. Slamming his fist on the steering wheel, Michael swore a good five minutes before calming down.

He was hard just thinking about Roz, and the highway was still too long. It would be at least another hour before he reached the exit to get to the little town Roz lived in. Trying to ignore it, he kept driving, but after another fifteen minutes of thinking about her, he had to do something. Luckily, there was a pull-off just ahead, and he turned off the highway and parked in a dark area. Grabbing some spare napkins from the glove compartment, he got out of his car and walked to the nearest tree. Michael unzipped his trousers, let them fall to his knees, and then pulled down his underwear. His shaft was fully erect and he took a hold of himself beginning to stroke back and forth. He braced himself against the tree with his free hand, grunting as he applied more pressure to his working hand. Images of Roz's naked body flashed in his mind, and he eventually brought himself to completion, releasing himself on the tree trunk.

Using the napkins he brought, he cleanined himself off, and threw the used napkins to the ground. Let the groundskeepers pick it up, he thought savagely as he pulled his underwear and trousers back up. Though he felt better as he got back into his car, he was still angry with Roz for doing this to him.

Back on the interstate, Michael increased his speed intending to get to her town a lot faster than he planned. He would have Roz Carroll, whether she wanted it or not. He knew where she lived in that town, and he knew what to do to her to make her give in. And give in, she would.


Roselinde and Celeborn stood close to each other, his arm wrapped protectively around her, in the room with the glowing orb. The only light in the room came from that orb, and there was a low humming noise that seemed to surround them. Roselinde knew where she was. This was the room she had been brought to last night, the room that she made her choice to stay with Celeborn forever. She never saw the three beings that spoke to her then. Were they going to make her return to the life she knew, even after they promised that she wouldn't have to?

Then she remembered what else was said that night. The beings agreed to let her go back to set her affairs in order. Roselinde's mind was already going through what she needed to do when another door opened. In walked three tall beings, each wearing white robes and a circlet on their brows, but they were blurred and she couldn't make out their faces.

"Roselinde, as per our agreement before meeting Celeborn, you will be sent back to your world to make sure that your departure will not create any problems. Do you know what you need to do?"

"Yes," she replied. "My best friend, Eden, should still be awake. At least, she should be if the time here and the time back in my worl is the same."

"It is, but you cannot be seen. Not even by your friend."

"I can call her, sir. She won't see me. I can tell her that, right? Knowing Eden, she'll want to come right over."

"Tell her what you must, but remember you cannot be seen."

"I will."

"Celeborn, you have been brought here because I do not want Roselinde going alone. I trust that you will not become distracted by anything in her world, and see that she is not seen?"

"Yes, my Lord Manwe," Celeborn answered, his shoulders straightened up and his hold on her tightened.

Roselinde felt the slight change in his body. Where once he was lithe and graceful, he was now straight and imposing. She felt no fear, but she wasn't sure she liked it. This wasn't the man she knew and loved, he was different. He looked like a warrior, and he would no doubt protect her.

"Yes, little one. Celeborn has seen many battles in his lifetime. The warrior has not left him completely," another voice, filled with compassion, said. "As you both are going back, you might want to change clothes. Behind you, you will find clothes more suitable than what you are wearing."

They turned around and were startled to find Eonwe holding two small piles of clothes in each hand. Taking the clothes from him, they quickly changed into the tunics and pants given to them. Thus properly attired, Roselinde and Celeborn turned back to face the orb and the three beings around it.

"Are you ready?" yet another voice asked them. Celeborn looked down at Roselinde and she nodded her assent.

"We are, my Lady Varda," he spoke for them both.

"Then we shall begin. Remember that you must not be seen, Roselinde, and make all possible haste. When you are ready, we will bring you back."

"Yes, my Lady," Roselinde answered.

"Please put your hands on the orb."

They both reached out and touched the orb. It was warm and it seemed to resonate with the low humming sound they heard. The blurry beings took up places around them and joined hands, enclosing them in a circle. The orb's light grew in intensity, and Roselinde shut her eyes against it. The humming grew louder and she heard what sounded like a song being sung, but she couldn't understand the words.

The next thing she knew, she felt like she was flying even though she knew she wasn't moving at all. Celeborn's arm was still around her, and when it felt like her feet touched ground again, she dared to open her eyes. They were standing in front of the building her loft apartment was located in, and it was in the middle of the night. The nearby street lamp gave them enough light to see by, and Roselinde led Celeborn up the stairs quietly. When they reached her door, she reached up to a weak spot in the doorjam and pulled out a little silver key, and unlocked her door.

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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