My Lord Arathorn... It's a Girl!

Stella, or the Nuzgul are Eating Warg Alive

3. A Reflection, Part 2

I could remarry, I suppose. But what purpose would it serve? There are none that would make me a suitable king, and none that I would love as my husband. You might have wondered why I let Denethor slip through my fingers. I only hope you understand how soon I met him after losing my vibrant, openly loving Boromir of Rohan. I did not notice Lord Denethor as a man at first, and when I did, it was with scorn. We were ever warriors to one another, to be respected, to fight beside, but also to be watched, to be feared. Finduilas was never truly my rival. Her husband was, long before I met the younger woman. She is welcome to her husband, and I do hope that they are happy with one another. There is something refreshing in knowing others recognize your skills, even if they fear you for possessing them.

I take no responsibility for the child's name. That was Denethor's pride and fear, not a softening towards the woman that had captivated his father's attention, as a son should. Boromir of Gondor was named for his ancestor, not my husband, whose name I never mentioned. To see the boy, though, was heartbreak. He had his mother's looks: red-gold hair and hazel eyes so similar to the Rohirrim, after years of the dark hair so common in Gondor. Young Boromir was so eager to begin training as a warrior. He would follow any captain that let him onto the practice field or into the stables. Although his father was hardly pleased by this, the captain was often I, when I was not at the ships or upon the battlefield.

Boromir was of course curious about this woman that was so different from his mother. She was small and nicely rounded in her features; I was taller and skinnier than many of the men. Lady Finduilas spoke softly to her son and derived her power from her position in court; I wore a sword at my waist and bellowed at my troops. A warrior woman was a novelty to the young boy. Since his father had forbidden my presence in the boy's life, Boromir of Gondor would go out of his way to find me. I suppose it is for the best that I did not stay long enough to watch him grow, or young Boromir might have wished to satisfy other curiousities with me. And I cannot honestly say that I could have denied him.

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