August 2006 Birthday Challenge

DrummerWench's 2006 Birthday Presents

1. First Fellowship - by Dwimordene

They came by crewless ship. Ulmo had brought it—so the waves proclaimed, and to see the five wobble about the beaches like newborn foals more than landed sailors, he believed it. Never had these legs walked the earth before, nor had ears heard tongues speak, nor fëa been flesh-burdened.

"Help me, for I am afraid," said the grey one, leaning upon his staff, voice weak as his legs.

Then Cirdan, perceiving the spirit moved to such speech, took his arm, and gave the ring into his hand, saying: "Take this, Master, for great labours and perils lie before you..."

for great labours and perils lie before you...—UT, "The Istari," 406.

Also: For with the consent of Eru [the Valar] sent members of their own high order, but clad in bodies as of Men, real and not feigned, but subject to the fears and pains and weariness of earth...—UT, "The Istari," 406.

Although Olórin is said to have reported himself afraid of Sauron before ever being subject to a body, it is striking that fear is the first thing mentioned as a consequence of being embodied.

Another consequence pertinent to this drabble: For it is said indeed that being embodied the Istari had need to learn much anew by slow experience...—UT, "The Istari," 407.

It's perhaps reading more into that than is needed, but I figure a real body, particularly one already subject to old age, would need some getting used to.

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