December 2006 Birthday Challenge

Greywing's Birthday Gifts 2006

1. Incarnation by Gandalfs apprentice


Gandalf wiped his watering eyes and sucked deeply on his pipe. His chest exploded in harsh coughs.

"You shouldn't smoke when you're sick," Pippin said.

The wizard glowered at the young Took, who at last turned away. Sighing, Gandalf wrapped his tired body in his cloak, closed his eyes, and sank into unwelcome memories.

"Olórin," Manwe had said, "beware the temptations of the flesh. Beware wine, women and other lusts!"

Ever mindful of his divine instructions, Gandalf had fended off these iniquities. But his lord had failed to mention the true curses of incarnation: running bowels and a potent sneeze.

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