The Anti-Valentine's Day Quickie

The Odd Couple

5. Differences

"Now that you're getting along so well," Pippin said, "I'd like to know what the trouble was all about."

Frodo said, "Don't stir things up."

Merry groaned. "You might as well ask him not to be Pip."

Aragorn said, "This question has befuddled the Wise for all the ages of this world. I'd like to hear an answer."

"And I," said Boromir.

Sam's eager eyes joined the inquiry.

What could be seen of Gimli's face between brows and beard turned deep red. Legolas got that otherwordly look that meant he was in some private Elvish place, and sang a few words in his tongue.

"Well?" said Pippin.

Gimli cleared his throat. "Elves are insufferable, arrogant cheats. Legolas is different."

Legolas stopped singing. "Dwarves are miserable, stingy gold diggers. Gimli is different."

The others waited. The silence dragged on.

Pippin sighed. "I guess the Wise will have to wait another age."

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