Bitter Valentine's Day Poetry Challenge


1. Chapter one

Lady Artanis
Finarfin's Courts

To the fair maiden of the House of Finarfin(<-- that Vanyan jerk) with the hair I desire so much,

I hope you like my wonderful verses and that you will accept my request when I ask you for the 3rd time.

Here comes...

Artanis, your beauty outshines
the light of Laurelin fair
The only (rightful) son of Finwe pines
for one little lock of your hair

there's more...

O beauteous jewel
of golden-ness full
Locks yellow pool
at my feet

and more...

I the valiant, noble, fair, skilful heir,
You the shiny, glossy, liquid hair
Are meant to be together, love
Let us fly together on the sky above

and my masterpiece... (Kanafinwe said that this was something called a 'haiku')

Your golden tresses
cannot be rendered in words
the two Trees mingled

You do not know what it is like. You do not know what it is like, Nerwen.
To love some hair, to love some hair. The way I love yours.

With the deepest affections,
Feanaro - the Spirit of Fire
The most skilful, fairest and noblest of the princes of the Noldor.

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