Bitter Valentine's Day Poetry Challenge

Three Sides to the Same Story

1. Gwindor


"There's three sides to every story -- yours, mine and the cold hard truth."?
(Long Way Home, Don Henley)


"At first his own people did not know Gwindor, who went out young and strong, and returned now seeming as one of the aged among mortal Men, because of his torments and his labours; but Finduilas daughter of Orodreth the King knew him and welcomed him, for she had loved him before the Nirnaeth..." (The Silmarillion, J. R. R. Tolkien)

Fickle Sonnet

I have looked into evil's fateful eye--

Fate-full, yet I refused to see its sway

For I had basked in sunlit pools and sky

and knew that stronger pow'rs were kept at bay.

Of these the heart rules, blinds one to its ploy

and like a willing slave the soul goes, hauled--

I've seen its chaos, ruin, and glorious joy

and have been, in dire agony, enthralled.

But fortune also reaches, like a dart,

with certain aim the heart to wound in flight.

A man should have no friends, only his heart

that, though, traitorous, gives one one's own bite.

The heart wreaks havoc, curses, wounds, and mars

But, in the end, who has the darkest art?

Should fate be honored as life's truest star?

Or should that honor go to one's own heart?

I'm maimed and scarred, no hope is left for me,

Except to curse my fate and bleed for thee.

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