2010 Birthday Cards

Patience Unexpected

1. Patience, Unexpected


Nessa grinds her teeth for something to do. 

This council started off well enough.  Who could question Yavanna's concern for the Olvar in starlit Endor?  And the Kelvar and the Children would surely fail if something was not done.  But we have debated 14 weeks already.

Nessa dares a furtive glance at Tulkas as Námo introduces a 13th variation on the 7th level unintended side-effect of the 174th proposed solution.  Manwë, Varda, Yavanna and Aulë nod, thoughtfully.  Estë and Irmo have gone into some sort of a trance, Oromë looks like he wants to break something, and Vairë, Nienna, and Vána are desperately trying to pay attention.  Who can blame Ulmo for sitting this one out?

Tulkas resists looking back, but twists his sculpted form in his chair. 

Oh yes, you are fine, beloved, and we are well-matched.  Under the rule of my hands and lips, you will forget this tedium.  We will forget it together.

Nessa smiles, unexpectedly patient again.

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