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2. She's Mine Too - Agape

'Only your family, myself and him (know). I told him I'd cut out his tongue if he ever breathed word.' Otho said this with such vehemence Lobelia believed it.  
Unfair by Anglachel

She's Mine Too

He thinks I'm cowed. I'm no tween. I know what he wanted; I saw his eyes and got to her first, and now he's miffed, wanting me to stay away. Well, I've stayed away for long enough. The lass' mine too. I deserve some return for letting her be. I could force them to let me have her some days, once she's old enough to tend house for me. I think that idea's pretty good. I'll come forward in about twenty years and tell him I wants her. I can see Lobelia's face. It'll be worth it just for that.

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Author: Anglachel

Status: Beta

Completion: Work in Progress

Rating: General

Last Updated: 02/13/15

Original Post: 08/04/10

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