Bardic Life

Hobbit, The

3. The Finding of the Ring

From Rivendell home, they started to roam,
And towards the mountains they went.
And great mountain pass was covered in grass,
And then down, great torrents, clouds sent.

And as they did tread, they were filled with dread
Lest they should not find a dry cave;
When Fili and Kili, young dwarves very silly,
Did, just in time, the day save.

Only one glance they gave, but they'd found a good cave,
And it did not go very far back;
And ponies were stabled, and dwarves, they were tabled,
And food wasn’t really in lack.

Thus fell they asleep, and no watch did they keep,
And it proved to be their downfall,
For goblins came quick, and they were in the thick,
Only Bilbo, he managed to call.

His call Gandalf heard, though he thought it absurd,
But he managed to get clean away,
And he killed his few guards, and away from the shards
He ran to his friends’ getaway.

And goblins did run, and were singing for fun,
And took their catch to the Great Goblin;
There Thorin’s company, surrounded by many,
Were all set down at centre-stage, hobblin’.

The Great Goblin spoke, in a long-prepared stroke,
“The dwarves, they are thieves to be killed!”
But Gandalf then came, and started to tame
The goblins and showed all his skill.

He put out all light, and in goblins’ fright,
He cut off the Great Goblin’s head;
And freed all his friends, and around many bends
In the goblin caves, they went ahead.

Goblins! Angry they were, and always did savour
The hunting of dwarves in their caves;
And catching foes up, they prepared to sup,
But found instead, ways to their graves.

For Beater was held by the great hand that’d felled
Their Lord, and they feared it from past;
And little dwarf-fighter, he held fearful Biter,
And was feared while this world would last.

But gathering heart, the goblins did start
To pursue their foes to the gate,
But Bilbo ran slow, where fast they must go,
So he was carried by a mate.

And as was his luck, when the goblins struck,
He rolled out into lonely corner,
And when he came to, with nothing to do,
He stuck out his hand as a ‘warner’.

And as he did this, (there was no scope to miss)
He found a ring lying out there;
He picked up the ring - insignificant thing,
And tried to get out of despair.

In his pocket, ring putting, he started out routing,
His path out of those goblin caves,
When suddenly, water! Cold, cold, clammy water,
Did strike his feet in tiny waves.

And as he there sat, like a tired old rat,
Up came Gollum, that wickedy thingy;
As Gollum came near, Bilbo felt great fear,
And drew out his sword with a swingy.

Gollum saw the sting, and fear it did bring
And keeping a distance, he sat.
And told Bilbo, “Precious! Let’s not be suspicious.
Let’s play riddles, you creature: how’s that!”

And riddles they asked, in voices unmasked
And came close to losing, both did.
But Bilbo (by luck) got himself unstuck
And of Gollum he almost got rid.

Stumped at last for riddle to ask in the middle,
“Say what’s in my pocket!” he asked.
And Gollum, that twitcher, his face was a picture,
But cunning in him was unmasked.

“I ask for three guesses, the question so presses.”
Old Gollum to Bilbo did say;
And guessing for life, he said, “Hands!”, he said, “Knife!”
But he was quite out of the way.

In guessing the third, he did the absurd,
And put both his guesses in strong:
“String, or nothing!”, he said, but he only saw red,
When Bilbo said “ Oh, but you’re wrong!”

“Now show me the way!”, little Bilbo did say,
But Gollum, to island he floated;
To get back his ‘precious’, and eat this delicious
Young Hobbit (who had looked quite bloated).

But ‘precious’ was gone! It was really gone!
And Gollum made one guess too late;
“In its pockets is what? I know what it’s got!
That Baggins, it’s one thing I hate!”

And Gollum was driven, by a rage that was given
To him in his wretched condition;
At Bilbo he went, with a fearful torrent
Of words full of ill premonition.

And Bilbo was scared, and his sting upped and flared,
And he knew he was stuck like a duck;
For Gollum was here, and goblins were near,
Then he started and just ran amuck.

And run as he did, the ring that was hid
In his pocket – it got on his finger!
And he did not know: so fast did he go,
And one place he never did linger.

But Gollum did hunt, up tunnel, down shunt,
For Baggins, that accursed thief;
But as Bilbo sat, Like a small trapped-up rat,
Gollum passed by him (what a relief!)

And now Bilbo wondered, with thinking all sundered,
“How came Gollum here, passing me by?
His eyes are too keen, for me not to be seen
Yet he looked only too low, too high.”

And as Bilbo thought, that he now must be caught,
Then he suddenly realised the ring;
It had slipped on his finger, and there it did linger,
And of him was seen not a thing!

So trying to be brave, he did go down the cave
And followed Old Gollum along;
Till he knew the way out, he followed it about
And then made a good choice, also strong.

He jumped over Gollum, and went into roll-um,
And into the tunnel he ran
There goblin-door loomed, but goblin-drums boomed,
For goblins were there, every man.

The alarm had rung, as Old Gollum had sung
Out curses to follow ‘that thief’.
And goblins did gather, and they showed they would rather
Bring thieving young scoundrels to grief.

And though Bilbo vanished, still he hadn’t banished
All dangers of battle, you see;
For goblin-confusion is great, for a tuition
On what thing ‘confusion’ must be.

So noisy, so childish, not in the least mildish,
The goblins stepped here and strode there;
And poor little Bilbo did fear now to go,
And to take his part in the affair.

He then hid behind kegs, and he crawled under legs,
As he tried to get near to the door;
And as he there got, he was tired a lot,
But was worse off than he was before.

For they saw him no one, but there outside was sun,
And his little shadow they saw;
And the door was then posed in a state nearly-closed,
And Bilbo felt caught in a jaw.

But squeeze out he did, with a strength that was hid
In his plumpish and stoutish body.
But buttons he lost, (which were made with great cost),
And he looked like (he thought) a Tomnoddy.

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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