Modern girl goes to Middle-earth...

The Hobbit In A Pet's Eyes

5. Chapter 5

Sandy’s POV

I yelped as the dog charged into me. I was very lucky that the male dog got between us and with help from the strange people, chased the other dog back.

Misty’s POV

Sandy cringed and submitted after the other female dog was driven back. Like I’ve said before, Sandy is a coward!

Sandy’s POV

I’m a dog, not a cat. Cats and dogs are as different as chalk and cheese! Anyway, they got hold of Misty and me and took us across a bridge to a cave type thing. I think it was a cave, anyway.

Misty’s POV

They put me down on the floor and let go of Sandy. Sandy decided to try to run off, but the strange people stopped her and at a word from one of them, took her away.

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