Dram of Evil/Seed of Goodness

Anna - The Gift of A Soul

6. Chapter Six: The Friend

That glorious day! My new friend Eärendil sailing the skies like a benevolent dragon, the army of the West - Vanyar, Noldor, Teleri and Maiar all united, our banners bright as made of light. We shook the mountains, we drained the sea of our enemies dry of their strenght, we were a terror, a power, a fire.

Olórin, that day had my name written on its face. Mine and Eärendil's. Among thousands of other valiant names, naturally. But I was the one to chase Morgoth down beneath the fortress of Thangorodrim and to catch him cornered.

He had but one defender.

But it was the best one he could have. The one with Anna's eyes. The one with fiery hair and pale skin, and a gold-circled helm. With armor blackened by stray dragonfire, with a dented sword and a beaten shield. The one who fought as if taught by me. The one with Anna in his blood.

It was the most exciting battle of my life. He was almost my equal.

I... felt sorry for him. He noticed I had missed a chance to slay him.

'This is no practice fight!' He shouted.
'I know. You cannot win.'
'I cannot lose.'

I was just about to hit his neck, when I stumbled. Morgoth had moved from his corner, kicked at my feet and faced me now.

'You do not want him.' He said. Then he spoke to his son.
'Go! This is an order.' My opponent disappeared up a tunnel.

I knew they would not fight fair, and that Sauron might return for a suprise attack at my back.

I fought Morgoth then, and I cut his feet from under him.

Sauron did come back, and begged me for mercy. I swear I would have given him anything in my power, but all I had was a command to come West for trial. He did not trust me.

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