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Boromir's Journal - Tharbad to Imladris, day 1

2. Author's Notes

Okay, this is actually passing a card from the bottom of the deck, or insider dealing, or something like that.

The Ride illustration is the result of my first draft of this vignette, so the details and actions should match pretty well. If they don't, then, I guess someone here put something in my coffee.

Boromir took quite a while to get to Rivendell, and he evidently didn't have a horse 'till the Rohirrim loaned him one, so but for their generosity it could have been even longer. Sure he didn't really know where it was, but did he ask directions even once? Probably not.
Boromir is such a guy.

One hundred and ten days, all alone in the wilderness, with only brigands and goblin-men for company. or maybe he wasn't alone the whole time...

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