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Thengel lives in Gondor

Event Type: General

Age: 3rd Age - The Stewards

Years: 2923 ~ 2953

'Thengel, his [Fengel's] third child and only son, left Rohan when he came to manhood and lived long in Gondor, and won honour in the service of Turgon.' [...] When Fengel died [2953] the Rohirrim recalled him, and he returned unwillingly. Appendix A, II, The House of Eorl

Contributor's two cents: If one takes the late twentieth-century age of eighteen as 'coming of age,' that would have Thengel leaving Rohan in 2923, but Tolkien does not state explicitly how old he is when he goes to Gondor.

Thevina Finduilas 10.28.03

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