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Nuzgûl of the Month December 2012

The Nuzgûl of the Month December 2012, Rivendell: Hidden Valley or Bulwark Against Orcs?, can be found here.

Rivendell was a hidden refuge, but I somehow have a hard time seeing it as merely a place for the preservation of lore and contemplation of one's navel. Elrond, being a Ringbearer, was an active member of the White Council. He helped form the policies that shaped the Third Age, and which Gandalf and others executed.

But there were also others like Glorfindel, who were warriors in a past life. And Imladris was situated right next to the Misty Mountains whence many Orcs came. Does it seem likely that Elrond's and the Council's policies were confined to directing others to move against darkness, or was Rivendell also involved in actively putting into place the resources to help keep the Orcs at bay? Were Elladan and Elrohir the only Elves of Rivendell who rode with the Dúnedain against the Orcs? Or were there others? Did the Dúnedain and Rivendell actively cooperate in fielding men and resources to keep Eriador largely Orc-free (and then there are those pesky trolls)?

Write a story exploring the relationship of Rivendell and the Dúnedain in combatting the evils that beset Eriador in the Third Age. What sort of infrastructure was in place? Who was the dominant partner (if there was one)? How did these two communities function to help each other? Any time within the Third Age is open (Kings, Chieftains, doesn't matter).

(Bunny courtesy of Dwimordene).



Re: Nuzgûl of the Month December 2012

Now this should be an easy Nuzgûl to wrestle with... but then, I have been known to make over-confident statements in the past... Wink



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