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November 2013 Birthday Cards

Birthday folks: Is your birthday in November and you would be delighted by a little story gift from your fellow HASA members? Then state your request here in this thread. To collect your birthday cards in one place, you can create a birthday workshop story.

Authors: Let yourselves get inspired by the suggestions - a chance to be creative and to make a fellow HASA member happy at the same time! Just like the recipients, you can collect the stories you've written in a  birthday workshop story.

And don't forget to add your birthday cards to the 2013 Birthday Cards Challenge.

Here's a short recap on how to do that:

  • Add each birthday present as a chapter in your story, using the story name (and the birthday recipient if there is room) as the story chapter. If you can't fit the person's name into the chapter title, just include it as the first opening line in the chapter.
  • Be sure you give each chapter a number and set the status to public so everyone can read it!
  • Since most birthday card stories are pretty short, you might include the birthday recipient's wish for what kind of story she wanted. Paste it from the forum.
  • In your story summary, you can list out who you've written stories for if you like.
  • It's up to you on the order you want to give your chapters - Alphabetical by recipient, order by month chronologically, newest first, etc.

In case you need help or have a comment, question or suggestion, please post it here or send me an e-mail - I'll do my best to help.

November, 01 - Cuinwen: I would like stories of the LONG WINTER, a tricky subject.  I tried writing one such and got hung up on the matter of whether my protagonist would live or die.  Better luck to you!



Re: November 2013 Birthday Cards

Happy Birthday, Cuinwen!

Here's a drabble of the Long Winter for you:

Arathorn shivered despite his fur-lined cloak and inched closer to the campfire.  

"At least with all the passes closed, we'll be spared Orc raids from the Misty Mountains until the spring," Elrohir said.

"If spring ever comes," Arathorn muttered. "We're well past Yule and it's still cold enough to freeze the balls off a troll."

"Father says the weather may improve once the wind turns to the west," Elrohir said.

"And we'll be stuck with melting sludge for a month," Elladan observed.

Arathorn sighed. "We'll be lucky to get any crops planted before May. This will be a lean year."

(A/N: this is of course Arathorn I)



Re: November 2013 Birthday Cards

Aruthir's Note: Happy birthday, Cuinwen! I cannot take all the credit for this tale- the Professor is my co-writer as well as my inspiration today, it would seem- but I hope you don't mind too much...


An old Man rides by, a tall old Man dressed all in grey, and Fortinbras gives him a cheery wave- it is the neighbourly thing to do, after all.

 "Good morning!"

 The old Man brings his horse to a sudden stop, and turns his gaze upon the Hobbit.

 "What do you mean?"

 Fortinbras raises an eyebrow, a retort on his lips, but the old Man cuts him off.

 "Do you wish me a good morning, or mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not; or that you feel good this morning; or that it is a morning to be good on?"

 Fortinbras thinks about this for a second- the old Man has a point, after all- but eventually comes to a decision.

 "All of the above, and at the same time none of them. It is a morning that is full of possibilities, and that makes it good. Or at least, good enough for me- I don't know if it is good enough for you, after all. We know mighty little about each other, do we not?"

 He blows a smoke-ring to prove his point, and the old Man chuckles.

 "Indeed we do not, my good Hobbit… but I know enough that I like what I know."

 The old Man slips down from his horse with a nimbleness that defies his years, and he strides over to where Fortinbras sits, a twinkle in his eyes.

 "I go by many names and have gone by many, many more as the years have gone by… but you may call me Gandalf, if you like."

 Fortinbras nods.

 "A good name for a good morning, I'd wager!"

 The old Man smiles, but a sudden shadow passes across it, though Fortinbras notes it not.

 "A good morning, yes, but a good day? I fancy not- a distinct chill is in the air, I fear, and my old bones are martyrs to such- might I trouble you for a warming cup of tea before continuing upon my way, friend?"

 The hobbit's eyes widen.

 "But of course! How rude of me! Please, come inside and sit a while- I have some fine Dorwinion laid down just in case of visitors, after all, and some excellent Bree-cheese just aching to accompany it- and some quince jelly I bought on my last trip to Buckland that just has to be tasted to be believed!"

 The old Man chuckles as Fortinbras opens the door of his hobbit-hole, still chattering merrily away, and it is done.

 Man and Hobbit pass from outside to inside in a matter of seconds, and go from strangers to friends in a matter of minutes.

 A snowflake falls as they do- the first of many.

 They do not remember it...

 ...but history does.



Re: November 2013 Birthday Cards

I like this one very much: the quotes you have incorporated, and how you have developed an "alternate ending" to the original conversation, and how you evoke the feeling of instant sympathy between those two characters. Fortinbras immediately goes from being a twig on a family tree to a vivid character in his own right with a quick wit and a generous heart.




Re: November 2013 Birthday Cards

Thankyou for the comment, Imhiriel- I just feel that anyone who can count Bilbo, Belladonna and the Old Took amongst his descendants must have had something special about him. Plus Gandalf himself mentions that the Long WInter was when he developed his love for Hobbits, so... yes. I only hope Cuinwen likes it as much as you did. Smile



Re: November 2013 Birthday Cards

Thank you, Nath.  My vision of the long winter was all around a householder's POV, and yours is very different



Re: November 2013 Birthday Cards

Ah, thank you Aruthir.  Neatly done!



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