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LDID Updates 3

New thread, sinc the old one was getting long.

Also, new chapter: The Steward and the Kings.

Long aftermath of battle chapter featuring the steward of Gondor and two kings. This is my last LDID update before the school year starts again, btw. If I'm lucky, I'll get one more fic out that's been in the works the past three months, but which is currently being a beast.

Puddle of Dwim, brought to you by the Chicago heat index



LDID 41: Baggage

New chapter, just in time for Christmas!

Baggage is now available.

Summary from last time: The siege of Minas Tirith has been lifted, but not without cost. Both Minas Tirith and Rohan have lost their heirs, and Merry's attack on the Witch-king, while heroic, ended badly for him. Denethor's grief threatened to paralyze action, but Théoden talked him down from intractability. He and Aragorn met, exchanged barbs, had a palantír-staring contest, and eventually agreed that Denethor would remain Lord of Minas Tirith and nominally under Aragorn's command, at least for the time being. They also agreed to call a council for early the next morning.

Aragorn, exhausted, returned to his tent, hoping to rest, only to discover an irate and agitated Legolas and one Captain Éothain who had a message about Merry...

"Baggage" takes up directly where that conversation ended. Lots of talk, not much action, though we do get a day further down the timeline.




LDID 42: Accounting for East and West

Accounting for East and West.

Last update for awhile, probably 'til after the semester ends. No summary, since the last update was fairly recent.

Crawling off to bed,




LDID 44: Where the Shadows Lie

Now available: “Where the Shadows Lie”: In which we rejoin Frodo on the trek to Mount Doom.

This is the last update until winter break.

Hope you'll enjoy.




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