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Quenya help needed (pwease?)

I've never been very good with languages. I've been doing okay (mostly) with two or three word translations in my texts, but I need a full on rallying-cry from Glorfindel for my latest story. Basically he needs to rally the knights of the Golden Flower to his side to try to help Ecthelion against Gothmog (he doesn't make it, of course, but we haven't gotten that far yet)

I've translated "golden flower" as "laurëalótë." I know that "roquen" is "knight."

If anybody can work with it, let me know. You'll get a footnote in the story. (Isn't that what we'd all like, to be reduced to a footnote in somebody's story?) *snarf*



Re: Quenya help needed (pwease?)

In an attempt to devise something both clever and translatable, I came up with the following:

Roqueni Laurëalotëo! Roqueni Laurëalotëo Nénen i ortal!
Knights of the Golden Flower! Knights of the Golden Flower to the Water [=Lord of the Fountain] that sustains you!"

Yes? No?




Re: Quenya help needed (pwease?)

YES!!!! Aerlinnel is the winner. She becomes a footnote.

Isn't that what you always wanted, Aer? To become a footnote in one of Zim's stories?

Now Chapter Two is complete. This was the only thing delaying posting it to

Update: Chapter Two can now be read in the Beta section, in case anyone wanted to see what I do with Aer's translation.



Re: Quenya help needed (pwease?)

Now I can die happy, Zim


P.S. - The plural of laurëalótë should be laurëalóti. Just being my nitpicky self...



Re: Quenya help needed (pwease?)

Okay, thanks! Will go and change that.

Now how do you say, "Welcome to my home" in Quenya?



Re: Quenya help needed (pwease?)

All right. This one's a little more complex, but I think it's still doable.
First, break down "welcome" into its original form: "well-come". You can extract mai, "well", from Maitimo, Nelyafinwë's Quenya mother-name. Since Sindarin mae is well-attested in Maedhros, mae govannen, etc., I'm pretty confident in this assumption of mai.
"Come", Quenya tul-, needs to be made into a perfect passive participle. HF (my Bible) is not entirely sure how a verb ending in -l would behave as a participle, but he suggests adding either -da or -ina to the verb. Therefore, you could use either mai tulda or mai tulina as "welcome".
"To my house" is a simpler construction. Coa is "house"; adding the ending -nya produces "my house", and -nna makes it allative, "to my house".
Ergo: Mai tulda/tulina coanyanna.


P.S. - So am I going to get cowriter's credit?



Re: Quenya help needed (pwease?)

Yes, silly, you will be a footnote. Isn't that just what you've always wanted?



Re: Quenya help needed (pwease?)

Okay, need a Quenya or Sindarin word for "houseless [one]" or ghost. I got coavalta or coaviltë for Quenya, but is this right?



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