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Blood Moon

How would you say "blood moon" in Sindarin? Thanks! CLF



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I would think it's Caran Ithil - red is 'caran' and moon is 'ithil' . I'm not sure about blood. Jay



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Ha! Allie can help with a language thing, because it's easy! Ah! Blood: _sereg_ (Quenya _serkë_) Moon: _ithil_ (Quenya _isil_) Blood moon : _seregithil_ or _ithilsereg_ Don't know if one is more correct, but IMHO, the first one sounds and looks better. ;) Allie Watch: I'll get it wrong. And I was so excited about it too!



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Thank you both for your help! CLF



Re: Blood Moon

Blood moon : _seregithil_ or _ithilsereg_ Sindarin syntax would have it be "Ithil Sereg." But in proper names, the rules seem to be somewhat relaxed, so you could use either one. ^_^ Bado na sídh. Berz.



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