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Cooling down - yet another horsey question

OK, last one for this afternoon, I promise! (actually, I've just realised it's two, no, three...) If a rider fleeing from something pretty nasty (of which the horse was equally frightened - OK, a couple of orcs) had given the horse its head and let it gallop flat-out for a mile or so (is that a reasonable distance, assuming that the ground's reasonably good and they have the good fortune not to put any feet in rabbit-holes or stumble?): will the horse have the sense to realise that it needs to slow up, or in a situation where the horse has been badly scared, will the experienced rider know first? And (apart from knowing the horse well) what are the signs of the horse tiring - panting, sweating? And presumably, the rider having decided they're now out of range of danger, would the horse like a human who'd just run flat out for a mile need to cool down slowly? Having reached a place of safety would you walk it round for a while? Rub it down? Put a blanket on it (we're in the open still) to prevent chills? Or am I just revealing complete and utter horse-ignorance here?... Thanks! Azalais



Re: Cooling down - yet another horsey question

Hi there Az! Sorry I missed your question here - Real Life been taking a bit out of me lately - but glad I and other folks got answers for you on the HA group. Good luck with your muses! Cheers ~ Erin



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