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Umbar question

Umbar is giving me a headache. I'm sure I'm not the first. Is "Umbar" applied to the region, the city/fortress or the city/fortress and the region? What I'm needing to know is would it make sense to say "Southern Umbar" for purely poetical scan purposes? If "Umbar" is just the city/fortress, "South Umbar" might make more literal sense, but it doesn't fit quite correctly. Thanks! EdorasLass



Re: Umbar question

Hi EdorasLass! All I could find about Umbar is in the Reference Library, under Umbar. The short answer: Tolkien described the area as the "great cape and land-locked firth of Umbar." In the TTT map, he indicates the whole area as "Havens of Umbar" and the city at the end of the inlet as "City of the Corsairs". HTH Lyllyn



Re: Umbar question

Yes, I had seen that, so thanks for a) your answer, and b) for writing the entry as well. It is just sooooooooo typical of me to get a bee in my bonnet about something with so comparatively little written about it. Ah well, leaves things open to interpretation, doesn't it? Cheers, EdorasLass



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