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constructing a name for Melkor

I'm toying with the idea of a vignette about Melkor's temptation of Osse, based on the concept of "Samael". Samael is a concept in the Talmud and Kaballah (see, and is the "real name" of Satan. My Hebrew is shaky, but as far as I can tell the name means "poison of God". Using the Quenya word-list at Arda-Lambion "poison" means sangw- . There isn't one for "of", and there are several forms for God. I'm most attracted to "ainatar", "holy father". Iluvatar (father of all) or Eru (the One). So does anyone have any suggestions for names that aren't too bulky? Marta



Re: constructing a name for Melkor

Samael is not always used as Satan, but sometimes as another demon. So sometimes it means another demon, who is referred to pretty equally, and sometimes it's used like you said, with it referring to Satan. Not that that's really as important as the meaning of the name, but I found it interesting... Anyways. It can also mean 'Venom of God', but there are suggestions that it could be taken from an Assyrian god, 'Shemel'. He's also called the 'Angel of Death' in some places. So you could interchange 'Venom' and 'Poison' if you so desired, or even use 'Angel of Death'. The last one might be kind of consfusing, because I know that Christians believe that the Angel of Death was an angel, not a demon, but since these religions don't exist in Middle Earth, if that turns out to sound better, I wouldn't worry about it. Angel... well, you could use 'spirit' if you wanted to stretch it, that would be 'fëa'. You could also go with the implied 'demon' instead, so that would be 'rauko', or 'raug/rog' if you wanted to go with the Sindarin. As for God, you could either use one of the names you provided, or you could use'the heavens' instead (so it would be Poison of the Heavens instead, which is similar, but not exact) which would be 'menel'. Death is 'gurth', not much dispute about that! I couldn't find any word for either poison or venom (however, I was only using the list in the back of The Silmarillion), but you said you had already found 'sangw-'. As for 'of', it's usually just implied. I wouldn't worry about necessarily having to put the words in order, there are words for places and names that have a certain meaning, but the words are flipped and whatnot. So, some possible combinations would be... Sangwainatar, Sangwiluvatar, or Sangweru. The only one of those that I would use would be 'Sangweru'. Raukogurth - Demon of Death Fëagurth - Spirit of Death Sangwmenel (Sangwimenel) - Poison of the Heavens Gorfëa - Spirit of Death Fëarog - Demon of Death I'm sure that there are more... but out of those, my favorites would be 'Fëarog', 'Sangweru', or 'Sangwimenel'... Really depends on how short you want/need it to be, and how it will be used. I hope that that was at least a little helpful! Edit: Nevermind, 'Fëarog' doesn't mean 'Demon of Death' it means... Spirit demon, or something. Don't know what posessed me to put that...



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