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Hobbit trivia

Looked thru the topics and couldn't find one that fit, so I thought I'd start this, trusting the Powers That Be to move it to the appropriate place if I made a mistake... sorry about the inconvenience!

I need to know the name of the hobbit who was famous for wearing boots... anybody know? And where is this information to be found?




Re: Hobbit trivia

All I could find in LoTR was this sentence from the Prologue:

"According to the Red Book, Bandobras Took (Bullroarer), son of Isengrim the Second, was four foot five and able to ride a horse. He was surpassed in all Hobbit records only by two famous characters of old; but that curious matter is dealt with in this book."

Could it perhaps be from the Hobbit (which I don't have to hand)?



Re: Hobbit trivia

There's no Hobbit famous for wearing boots, AFAIK, but Tolkien originally had Bilbo wearing Dwarf boots once he left Rivendell. The sentence having him put them on was edited out, thus Bilbo never wore boots. This comes from the letters.

Tolkien does say in the Prologue concerning Hobbits:

"The habit of building farmhouses and barns was said to have begun among the inhabitants of the Marish down by the Brandywine. The Hobbits of that quarter, the Eastfarthing, were rather large and heavy-legged, and they wore dwarf-boots in muddy weather. Bu they were well known to be Stoors in a large part of their blood, as indeed was shown by the down that many grew on their chins. No Harfoot or Falohide had any trace of a beard. "




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