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Mablung and/or Damrod

Is there any clear reference to either of their ages? All I can find is the part where they are standing guard over Frodo & Sam (just before the Mumak attack) and they are descirbed as "goodly men, pale-skinned, dark of hair, with grey eyes and faces sad and proud..."

Mablung tends to be portrayed as an older man, but I think that he & Damrod are not much older (if at all) than Faramir.

Thoughts? Quotes? Opinions?




Re: Mablung and/or Damrod

I don't know if he would be older than Faramir. Mablung may be portrayed as the older of the two because he led:

"But the Captains of the West were well warned by their scouts, skilled men from Henneth Annûn led by Mablung; and so the ambush was itself trapped."
Book 5, Ch 10, The Black Gate Opens, FoTK, LOTR




Re: Mablung and/or Damrod

Yes, that makes me place him as older than Damrod (probably) but not as older (or significantly older) than Faramir.

Would it be safe to place him between Faramir and Boromir in age? And have Damrod be A hair younger than Faramir? Objections? Anyone? Bueller?

What about Beregond's age? If Bergil is 10 years old and a reasonable marriage age for Dunedain is their mid-thirties, that would make Beregond in his mid forties at the time of the seige. Sound reasonable?




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