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ATTN: Important Announcement!

Hey, drabblers! Birthday drabbling is something that is going to become a tradition here, but do we want these drabbles to stay on the members' side alone? No way! You all have created so many beautiful little works of art, and we want the public to enjoy them as well! Though it might not be well known, the birthday drabbles is a challenge, and at the end of the year, the challenge will be closed. This year's story, HASA Birthday Cards, will contain 2004 drabbles ONLY. The challenge being closed will have nothing to do with continuing to add drabbles to the story; everyone will be able to upload their drabbles to the story even after the challenge is closed. A new challenge will be set up for 2005, and a new story, HASA Birthday Cards - Book 2 has already been set up, and will contain all 2005 drabbles. Please post any questions or feedback in this thread, and keep on drabbling! Allie



Re: ATTN: Important Announcement!

May I suggest "HASA Birthday Cards 2004" and "HASA Birthday Cards 2005" as more informative names for the associated stories? I have *so* enjoyed these drabbles, both as a reader and a writer, as well as a requestor. My thanks and congratulations go to whoever thought up this idea originally... - Barbara



Re: ATTN: Important Announcement!

My mind is clearly not functioning correctly... That makes a lot more sense. Thanks, Barbara. Will go and do that. Allie edit: This year's drabble story is HASA Birthday Cards 2004. Next year's drabble story is HASA Birthday Cards 2005.



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