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May 2005 Birthdays - 2

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May 2005 birthday challenge

May 5 - paranoidangel (Nic): I promised Erin I'd ask for Elrond and Sam, so I'd like a drabble with those two in. My birthday's on the 5th (I'm quite happy for them to be late though!)

May 6 - RiverOtter: My birthday is May 6th. After much pondering and muttering, I am requesting encounters. Tell me about a meeting between any two characters - any Age or races or place. The more unusual or obscure, the better.

May 8 - Loremaster of Anorien: My fourteenth birthday is on May 8, and I'd love a drabble about the Denethor, Finduilas, Imrahil, Boromir, and Faramir during a celebration. It would be a happier moment for the rather troubled family who suffer painful losses and mischaracterization in fanfic.

May 13 - Pippin's Lass: I'd like drabbles on the hobbits (particularly Sam & Frodo) or Faramir (anything--with Eowyn, Elessar, as a child...). I'm also *quite* fond of horses, so anything with horses in is fine by me.

May 14 - Aliana: On May 14th I'll be 20, the age at which Aragorn learned the truth about his heritage. I'd like to hear about any LotR character making a discovery--large or small, funny or serious, that's up to you. Failing that, I'll also swipe Allie's request from March and say I'd not be averse to anything Houses of Healing, either.

May 25 - Dwimordene: Did you know there's a world out there at 6:30 in the morning? I had forgotten. I dislike that I'm reminded. Ulk. To suit my mood, something about Castamir, Ornendil, and/or Eldacar. Something Kin-Strifish, which can include the arguments and tensions preceding the actual war. Post-war stuff would also be welcomed. Thanks!

May 27 - gronyats: Since I love History, I would enjoy a drabble about some interesting lore discussed between Elrond and Glorfindel.

May 30 - Starlight: I think this year I would like gapfillers or Middle-earth mysteries. Any type of gapfiller would do, set on whatever time period and the character of your choice. Anything that you have puzzled about, anything that draws your fancy, anything you wish had been expanded upon- they are all welcome!

If not, something set in Arnor would be lovely. Or, Eomer and Lothiriel. Or maybe something inspired by the Appendices?

Stories in Workshop: Dwim, paranoidangel, Aliana, RiverOtter



Re: For Nic

Jay: I'm fine with the pretending when it gets me such a sweet little drabble. I'm really impressed you got the election thing in there as well. (Although I did at first think Sam's niece had spotted a Tory out to get her!) Ithiliel: I love it. Totally. I was going to say which bit, but just all of it. I can really picture the scene, both the one in italics and the one not. Starlight: Oh, that's so sad. But I like sad Elrond, so that's a good thing! I especially liked Elrond calling Merry Elladan. Poor Elrond, he needs a hug. Nic



Re: May 2005 Babies - Part 2

Hello Allie! Thanks for all the advice. I love it when people leave a message for me. ^_^ So, really, because her nuzgul inspired you, you could give your ficlet to Pippin's Lass as a b-day present. Of course, that doesn't mean that you give it away, really: giving a b-day drabble/ficlet to someone is like an honorary thing. The birthday person doesn't own your present: s/he just gets to squeal to everyone else how awesome you are for writing it! I posted my new ficlet under My Stories. (It's titled Wind of Despair.) Can I still give it to Parker, even though I will probably eventually try (after much revision) to submit it for review for the HASA archive? As you can tell, I'm new to this birthday drabble thing. Your kindness and patience is much appreciated! Also, in Parker's reply, she used the abbreviation SSP. *sheepishly* What does that mean? Thanks again, ~Nienna



Re: May 2005 Babies - Paranoidangel (Nic)

Happy Birthday Nic! And I even managed to get it done *for* your special day. Of course, your request included Sam so how much easier could it be? Hope you have a wonderful day!! Cheers, Vistula ~~~ No Servant, But Friend “Reckon I’ll turn in, if you won’t be needin’ nothing.” Frodo grants permission yet turning you hesitate, afraid to go. He’s only been up a few days and worry is written on your face. Struggling, torn between loyalty and exhaustion, you weigh his needs against yours. Decided, you slip furtively from your master’s gaze and my heart grieves to see fear for him in your eyes. Hiding in the corner, you seek some bare comfort. Ensconced, you’ll wait him out. Such selflessness speaks of devotion made not born. In that moment, I no longer see a servant but a friend.



Re: May 2005 Babies - Aliana

Happy early Birthday Aliana! I figured I'd best post this now before time slips away from I hope you don't mind early. LOL You asked for a character making a discovery whether large, small, funny or serious...and my muse came up with this. I hope you enjoy it. Happy Birthmonth! Cheers, Vistula ~~~ A Teacher’s Hand Discretion is the better part of valor. Glorfindel had taught him that, since he was old enough to lift a sword or draw a bow. A noble warrior knows when to pursue conflict and when it is better to walk away. Aragorn could hear his teacher’s words clearly although today they fell into a burning heart. Words spoken to harm can wound more deeply than blade or shaft. Remember, the tongue can be more dangerous a weapon than any forged from steel. “You’re just a man…” Clenching white-knuckled hands, he turned to the echoing of hurtful words and stalked away.



Re: May 2005 Babies - Pippin's Lass

Happy early birthday, Pippin's Lass. Hope you are enjoying your birthmonth! You wanted Frodo and Sam, and I hope you don't mind that my muse was in a melancholy mood. Cheers! Vistula ~~~ Citadel Guard You’re standing there again Frodo and I know what you’re thinking. I see it in your eyes. One small step and there won’t be no more hurtin’. You wanted to go and leave me – to go where I cannot – but you know better now. I told you that the first time as you crept so close to the wall’s edge it give me the shakes. I begged you to come back, but you was sure. “No Sam,” you says. “This time you cannot follow.” But I can, an’ sure as breathing, I will, if you don’t come away from there.



Re: May 2005 Babies Various Comments

Boy oh boy, am I behind on responding to all of the lovely drabbles that have been coming out lately! I intend to remedy that right now. I’d like to offer apologies in advance to anyone I may inadvertently neglect to praise. Really I have been overwhelmed recently by the exquisite talent of the drabblers in our midst. Now…for the list: Edoraslass – Untitled and Musing – splendid picture of the “regular folk” and how the mixing of these two people would have inevitably created more couples than the Steward and his lady. I love the fact that the two seemed to have connected without knowing it…oh please, please, please do give us more of them in the future. Sedition – What a fun drabble! I can see the opposition is alive and well! Very different! Jay – Politics of Gardening – Loved this little glimpse of Elrond and Sam in on Sam’s “turf”. I like how you distinguish that Sam is a different gardener than his Gaffer. Well done. Dwim – After the Flood – Loved the imagery in this one! Especially liked the line: “The world is a belly, a new world full of tongues that swallow memory.” Elena Tiriel – Usurper – Chilling and absolutely jaw dropping. I shuddered with the line: “Break his back. Then burn the city!” What a horribly wonderful drabble. Marta – We Shall Return – Very well done. Being a Confederate CW reenactor, I really get into views from the “opposing” side. Aeneid – Dwarven Tribute – Wonderful! I love how you’ve shown Gimli in this and also that Elboron gets “taught” a gentle lesson. Ithiliel – Stay Back – Oh my, this one brought me to tears. I can so feel Elrond’s pain. In light of his experiences, how could he *not* allow Sam to go. Bravo! Starlight – Memories – Very sad. I love the way you’ve used Elrond’s “father’s grief” to bring Sam around to his Gaffer and how he must be worried. Very well done. Ann – Benison – What else can I say but *sniff*. What a touching connection between the two most important women in Faramir’s life…and the intimacy of it is overwhelming. And the passing on of a sewing basket is even more poignant to me, since my grandmother’s sewing basket is one of my mother’s (and my) most cherished possessions. A BIG thank you to you all for sharing!!! Vistula



Re: May 2005 Babies Various Comments

Usurper – Chilling and absolutely jaw dropping. I shuddered with the line: “Break his back. Then burn the city!” What a horribly wonderful drabble. Why, thank you, Vistula! I seem to have some sort of scary affinity for truly baaaad guys... - Barbara



Nienna Narmolanya

Can I still give it to Parker, even though I will probably eventually try (after much revision) to submit it for review for the HASA archive? Yep, definitely. Heaps of my stories were originaly written for someone. Just remember to take off any dedication before you submit it. After it goes through you can put it back but it gets taken off so it can't identify you. SSP - Shameless Self Promotion Cheers, Avon



Re: May 2005 Babies Various Comments

Thanks, Vistula! Although Dwim may have Nuzgul-ed me-- those resistance folk are putting their flyers up inside my head. It's still dough, but it may be cookies soon.. oh please, please, please do give us more of them in the future.. I totally forgot to SSP here for this story, because we do, indeed, have their tale right here!



Another Kin-Strife drabble for Dwim

No time to do it right now, but I promise I'll add it to the workshop this weekend. Homecoming It is harder than Eldacar foresaw to return to his father's land. For ten years now he has ridden as one of the Rhovannim, and the hunting bow comes easier to his hand than the sword. If Gondor does not want him, why trouble with them? Let them have Castamir and choke on him. Then his old dream of Osgiliath's fall returned: he watched the Dome of Stars crack and fall again, and woke himself by crying out. Staring at the tent ceiling, he remembers Ornendil, and the only question left is how best to kill Castamir: quick or slow.



Re: May 2005 Babies - Aliana

Thanks, Vistula! Words spoken to harm can wound more deeply than blade or shaft. Remember, the tongue can be more dangerous a weapon than any forged from steel. A wonderful glimpse at how Aragorn might have learned a true warrior's self-restraint--I've always loved his quiet nobility, and you've done it a great turn here! Thanks again, Aliana



Pippin's Lass

Hello Pippin's Lass! Well, the ficlet I wrote that grew off of your drabble request is about 4,000 words long. I would love to give it to you for your birthday, but how do you want it? It's titled Wind of Despair and is posted on HASA under my stories, as of now. Would you like just a dedication at the beginning? Happy Birthday! ~Nienna



Re: Another Kin-Strife drabble for Dwim

Ooh, thank you very much, Forodwaith! I like the way Eldacar uses his frustration with Gondor to try to talk himself out of going back. But in the end, it's useless—he's got vengeance on his mind, for himself and for Osgiliath. Feels about right, I'd say. Dwim



Happy early birthday, Starlight

This doubtless falls into the categories "gapfiller" and "anything that draws your fancy". In Praise of Philosophy "What's this?" Faramir glances up to see his brother standing there, gazing bemusedly past him at the book. "Volume four of The Red Books?" Faramir looks back at the pages. The Red Books—thirty-five hundred years of strategy and tactics, diplomacy and spycraft, in twelve volumes of grim, dull reading. "So, you've finally come to appreciate the prosaic? No Haradric sages this month?" Boromir teases. This time, Faramir smiles and taps his temple. "Oh, they are with me, never fear. Otherwise, why read such as these? Without wisdom, politics preserves a dead world; but the point is to change it."
"Philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways; the point is, to change it."—K. Marx, 187 years old yesterday.



Re: May 2005 Babies - Pippin's Lass

Happy birthday, Pippin's Lass! Breaking the News “You are not serious,” Pansy cried delightedly. “You’re getting married? Diamond, why did you not write and tell me?! Come, who’s the lucky Hobbit?” Diamond would not quite meet her friend‘s gaze as she answered, “Pippin.” Pansy’s jaw dropped. “Now I know you are joking,” she declared. “Pippin?” “Yes,” Diamond nodded. “The same Pippin who shoved you into the mud for calling him a ‘stupid turnip‘?” “We were just children then!” “The same Pippin who spilled ale down the front of your best dress at Bilbo Baggins’ birthday party?” “That was an accident -- and it wasn‘t my very best dress.” Pansy gave a sigh of exasperation. “It is not just those things -you two have done nothing but pester each other every time you meet since you could speak!” she pointed out. “And now you’re going to marry him? Diamond, why would you ever want to marry Peregrin Took?!” Diamond looked her friend squarely in the eyes, a smile curling the corner of her mouth. “He makes me laugh.”



For RiverOtter - an encounter

Tenth He felt like an insect in the presence of an Emperor. Loosing his companions, trying to find home, more than he could stand. Now this! He tried not to tremble as the magnificent form approched him. Sadowfax walked up to him. He looked with gentle eyes on the small form before him, so weak in appearance, so strong in action. He bent down, nuzzled the shoulder, the ear, let the other know he was appreciated. Bill the pony stared up, slowly gaining understanding. Then he turned to continue to search for Bree but now with the gait of a hero. Ranger1



For RiverOtter

Happy Birthday! A meeting between two old friends. --- "Hello, Master Baggins!" Bilbo looked up from his writing. A Dwarf stood in his doorway, reminding Bilbo of a solid lump of rock within the graceful architecture of Imladris. He set down his pen and squinted his old eyes at his visitor. Lord Elrond had mentioned he'd invited the Dwarves to his Council. Bilbo had been very pleased to hear that. He was looking forward to getting news of his old friends at the Lonely Mountain. And despite his snow white beard and increased girth, this Dwarf looked familiar to him... "My goodness!" Bilbo exclaimed happily. "If it isn't Gloin!"



Happy Birthday, RiverOtter!

Happy Birthday, dear Antoinette! I have posted a multimedia vignette that takes place sometime after "The Tides" to your birthday story! Close Encounters I hope you like it! Yours Juno



Re: May 2005 Babies - Part 2

Ah, no drabble for my fourteenth birthday tomorrow? *pouts* *clears throat* Sorry for my moment of bratty weakness. Unfortunately, I think we're all prone to them at times. Especially hormonal adolescents such as me. Namarie! Loremaster



Re: May 2005 Babies - Part 2

May 6 - RiverOtter: My birthday is May 6th. After much pondering and muttering, I am requesting encounters. Tell me about a meeting between any two characters - any Age or races or place. The more unusual or obscure, the better. Here's one of the most obscure encounters I can think of -- some time late in the Third Age. (Thanks to Tanaqui for helping me ironing out some of the wrinkles.) (Edit: That should have been "late in the First Age. ) ***** Stronger Songs Fangorn felt it in the water, in the earth, in the air. A song echoed through all creation: those who would not be hasty should prepare to leave. Beleriand would fall. Hey dol! merry dol! ring a dong dillo! A strange creature danced toward him, his blue cap-feather flitting in the morning breeze. Tom Bom, Jolly Tom, Tom Bombadillo! This was no Elf! Fangorn tried to make sense of the nonsense coming from his lips, but without success. Come sing with Tom now, walk beneath the willows! Yes, they would journey together, for a while. Fangorn would learn these new hasty songs. ***** Note: The first two lines of Tom Bombadil's song come from The Fellowship of the Rings, "The Old Forest"



For Loremaster of Anorien

Loremaster of Anorien wrote: Ah, no drabble for my fourteenth birthday tomorrow? *pouts* Oh goodness, we can't having pouting birthday babies! That won't do at all. I hope this will suit. Tactics Finduilas sat and fanned herself, gasping for breath, while the fiddler scraped a merry jig. She watched husband, brother and older son as they capered around the two stools. Faramir, held high in his father’s arms, was giggling. Boromir hurried around the ends of the room so he could loiter near the chairs. The music halted. There was an undignified scramble. Imrahil, red-faced, found himself beaten to the nearest seat by his nephew. The fiddler struck up again. As Boromir passed her once more, Finduilas caught his sleeve. “Let your father and brother win,” she murmured. “It is his birthday.” Happy Birthday! Cheers, Liz



Re: For Loremaster of Anorien

Thanks for humoring a slightly bratty adolescent, Liz! Me likes it! So does my numerous alter egos. Hurrah, a good, loving Denethor, happy members of the angsty House of Hurin, a sensible Finduilas, red-faced Imrahil, cute Boromir and Faramir, and a birthday celebration! And Musical Chairs! Love it! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Namarie! Loremaster



Re: May 2005 Babies - Part 2

May 9th - Radbooks: I know this is late as my birthday is tomorrow, but I would like a drabble about Aragorn and I.... oh, I bet it can't be an AU. Well, then I guess that's going to have to wait and be in my dreams and I probably don't want it to only be a drabble anyway. Seriously, I would like a drabble with Aragorn and Elrond or Aragorn and Eomer. Radbooks



Re: May 2005 Babies - Part 2

Why should it be an AU? Why don't you just tell me what you really, really want to read? Is it slash? ;) I am willing to try to come up with whatever you would like; I owe you a drabble or two for your nice comments on my story at FFNet. Cheers, JunoMagic



Re: May 2005 Babies - Part 2

No, not slash! How about a friendship drabble between Aragorn and Eomer set a couple of years after Sauron is defeated. Eomer is visiting Minas Tirith and they are talking about how things have changed in their lives since they first met, etc. Something like that would work for me. The AU part was just sort of a joke because I wanted to be in it with Aragorn! Radbooks



For Radbooks

Hi Radbooks I hope this suits. This is both perfectly canonical and also entirely AU, depending on who you assume the “I” here to be…. Twilight’s pleasures I am tired: a long day of formal smiles and polite words. For many dull hours I have comforted myself with thoughts of solitude. What foolishness! Would I rather be alone? Nay, ’tis not so. His mouth, hungry for mine, devours my troubles. His hands strip away my cares, as easily as he sheds my raiment. He pays homage with more than lips and looks. I grow hot, yet do not grudge it. Under his gentle touch, I am renewed, revived. No need to force soft smiles or search for sweet words. They burst from me unbidden at the end. Happy Birthday! Cheers, Liz



Late for River Otter

May 6 - RiverOtter: My birthday is May 6th. After much pondering and muttering, I am requesting encounters. Tell me about a meeting between any two characters - any Age or races or place. The more unusual or obscure, the better. This is a tribble but considering who is doing the talking, I had a hard itme keeping it to 300 words! Hope your birthday was happy! Practical Matters Trailing hopefully behind the learned pair, Ioreth heard only obscure bits of herb lore. Someone needed to ask the practical questions before all the Elves went home and it was too late. When the Warden left first, Ioreth planted herself boldly in the door, blocking the way. “Tis a marvel to hear you and the Warden speak, lord, though most still here only need time to heal, as you said. I was here during the siege, of course. 'The hands of the king are the hands of a healer' I said, and that was how it was known. But I don't just take care of bandages and so on, no, no. That's not what I normally do. Quite the opposite and always called for the difficult cases. Not that I anticipate any problems. But I’m sure you understand it has us all in a puzzle. Her grandmother would know, of course, but what with one thing and another I’ve been far too busy to seek her out. It’s not a thing I would normally expect to ask a girl’s father, but you are a healer too.” She paused for his answer. His eyes were kind but bewildered. So like a man, she thought. Can name plants in languages no one speaks, but never a practical thought in his head. “It’s the differences. I quite understand that. And babies come whether the embroidery on the presentation gown is finished or no. But it wouldn’t do to expect the happy day too soon, or too late. It will be hard on the queen, but perhaps she mightn’t think it so, it being normal for her, of course. Still, a year in the womb is longer than we’re accustomed to, and if I need to make allowances, I’d like to know now.” Gwynnyd



For Pippin's Lass

My drabble muse is in full work-avoidance mode today. Pippin's Lass wanted Faramir (anything--with Eowyn, Elessar, as a child...). This involves Faramir learning some interesting things about his new king. Meet the family Faramir leant against the door of his bedchamber and closed his eyes, still unsure if the last few hours were real. He had learnt a valuable lesson today: the king was a master of understatement. “My bride’s family will arrive shortly.” Elessar had carefully finished replanting the sapling of the White Tree as he spoke. “Please make them welcome.” Bride’s family? Master Elrond, who stood beside Isildur an age of the world ago? Lady Galadriel, who saw the light of the Trees before ever moon and sun were shaped? Faramir wondered if he’d managed to maintain any semblance of protocol. Happy Birthday! Cheers, Liz



Re: May 2005 Babies - Part 2

May 5 - paranoidangel (Nic): I promised Erin I'd ask for Elrond and Sam, so I'd like a drabble with those two in. My birthday's on the 5th (I'm quite happy for them to be late though!) And late it is! Hope the day was happy! 'Tisn’t Natural “’Tisn’t natural.” Sam scoops up flowing water from the short trough and sprinkles it on a thirsty flower, shaking his head. “How so, Sam?” Elrond gravely regards the Hobbit, suppressing a smile. “It’s not magic. Surely the City of Kings is allowed to have marvels?” Sam snorts. “The kitchens at Bag End have had pumped water for as long as anyone can remember and I have a built a deal of irrigation, Master Elrond.” He waves the ladle at the shoulder of the mountain connected to the city two full levels below them. “It looks like water runs uphill here!” Gwynnyd



For RiverOtter

RiverOtter wanted encounters. Tell me about a meeting between any two characters - any Age or races or place. The more unusual or obscure, the better. Apologies it's so belated. My drabble muse, having refused to talk to me for most of the last month, has suddenly got very chatty this evening! Anyway, as I have been working on my (warning: SSP ahead) mammoth History of Gondor timeline event for the Research Library, I naturally had to pick a reasonably obscure encounter from it. This is based on two events: the Witch-king shames Eärnur at the Battle of Fornost and Eärnur accepts the Witch-king's 2nd challenge. Chief hatred Eärnur laughed and whirled his sword above his head as the forces of Angmar fled the field. None could stand against the glory of Gondor and her Captain. In the midst of his joy, a chill gripped his heart. Yet still he would have spurred his horse to meet his enemy, black-robed and black-masked, if his mount had not been mastered by its fear. Cold laughter followed him. Seventy-five years did not lessen its bite, nor soften the new taunt. He knew it was folly to ride forth, yet he must go. History will not judge me weak nor faint-hearted. Happy (belated) Birthday! Cheers, Liz



Happy Late Birthday, RiverOtter!

RiverOtter requested drabbles about encounters. This is a double-drabble, 200 words as counted by MS Works, about a fateful meeting on the hill of Amon Ethir in the First Age, and a battle that was not fought with swords. Raksha NAERAMARTH She is caught! Nienor’s heart beats like the wings of a frantic bird as she looks up at the dragon’s great eyes. But her legs will not move, no matter how hard she tries to run. There are questions; and she cannot help but answer. His baleful gaze holds hers. She cannot look away! Now he fouls her mind, seeking to snare her spirit. She resists, pits all her strength against his. But she is a tired, mortal maiden and he is Glaurung, relentless father of dragons. He takes her to him, pulling her down into a strange and sunless place. She sinks deeper, as if she were thrown into chill waters, there to die alone. The small part of her that is still Nienor flails against the dragon‘s will, to no avail. She is losing the world and losing herself. Her heavy eyelids close; her head drops. All is dark. A last thought flickers through her mind, a pale candle in the freezing darkness: her brother, Túrin, out there, unconquered. As Nienor falls at last into the icy depths of the dragon’s heart, she calls silently with the last thought that is her own: Find me, brother; find me! Author's Notes: Read the tale of Turin in the SILMARILLION, or the Narn i Hin Hurin in UNFINISHED TALES, for more on Turin and Nienor. Suffice it to say that Naeramarth does not mean "dreadful doom" for no good reason. Turin does eventually find Nienor, to their mutual ruin. Those who have read their story might know why Nienor has a thought of being thrown into chill waters to die there alone...It's not a happy story. But Nienor's desperate struggle against the dragon begged for elaboration.



Re: For Pippin's Lass

Tanaqui, I loved "Meet the family" - trust Faramir to know just who his future queen's family is and their history. No wonder he's a bit intimidated! Gwynydd - PRACTICAL MATTERS and 'TISN'T NATURAL are wonderful; the idea of an Ioreth-Elrond encounter sheer genius! RAKSHA



Re: For Radbooks

Thank you, Liz! This is a perfectly wonderful drabble and just what I was looking for on my birthday. Thanks for writing it for me! Radbooks



Re: May 2005 Babies - Part 2

Hm ... for some reason I thought I had seen a request for Aragorn and Glorfindel here ... Anyway, happy birthday, and I hope you won't mind Aragorn and Glorfindel *** The Ring-bearer was beyond their reach, born away towards safety, towards Rivendell. The Nine, too, were gone, swept away by the raging Bruinen. Yet the terror they had unleashed was slow to subside. Aragorn wiped sweat off his brow with an unsteady hand. They were all shaken to the core and weary. A warm hand upon his shoulder startled him out of his reverie. "Dúnadan?" Glorfindel's keen eyes held concern. "I am well." Aragorn found his voice at last. "We had best be on our way. Neither of us has a mind to spend another night out in the Wild." *** And if someone has any suggestions for a title, I would be gratefule. Happy birthday (it might still be the 9th somewhere) fliewatuet



Re: May 2005 Babies - Part 2

Fliewatuet, I will claim this one for myself and it is still the 9th here - there is about an hour left! Aragorn is my favorite character and Glorfindel is my favorite elf... so this is a wonderful combination for me. Though I think someone else wrote a request for it, I'm hoping they will share. Radbooks



Re: May 2005 Babies - Part 2

Oh Raksha, NAERAMARTH is wonderful and tragic. I love the references to later events, and how you've shown Nienor's undoubted spirit and resistence. I'm also glad you liked "Family Matters". I can just imagine poor Faramir having a whole afternoon of shocks as Aragorn casually tells him who's coming to the wedding.... Radbooks - glad to know the Aragorn drabble suited. Cheers, Liz



for Loremaster of Anorien - May 8

May 8 - Loremaster of Anorien: My fourteenth birthday is on May 8, and I'd love a drabble about the Denethor, Finduilas, Imrahil, Boromir, and Faramir during a celebration. It would be a happier moment for the rather troubled family who suffer painful losses and mischaracterization in fanfic. You share a birthday with my daughter who was 19 on the 8th! I am so glad my drabble muse came back in time to give you a present. Juggling Act Fire tosses from hand to hand. Balls fly. Bodies curve to form hoops. “Hands! Momma, he’s on his hands!” Faramir bounces on his mother’s lap. Pale face illumined by her smile, Finduilas leans close to hug him back to safety. Boromir stands entranced by the tumbling bodies, eyes wide as he struggles not to miss a single leap or toss. Imrahil, a sleepy and indifferent Elphir cradled against his shoulder, catches Denethor’s eye as applause ripples around the crowded hall. The Steward smiles. Some of the foreign entertainers were, no doubt, spies. The amusement they brought was worth the risk. Hope the day was and the year is very happy! Gwynnyd



Re: May 2005 Babies - Part 2

Thank you for all my drabbles. It always amazes me what a simple request can inspire. As a researcher, I enjoy the hidden corners and what ifs. Thanks for shedding light for my birthday. RiverOtter



For paranoidangel

paranoidangel said I promised Erin I'd ask for Elrond and Sam, so I'd like a drabble with those two in. My birthday's on the 5th (I'm quite happy for them to be late though!) Here's hoping it's "better late than never"! A bit of garden Sam whipped round at the quiet cough behind him. He blushed when he saw Elrond’s gaze settle pointedly on the knife he held. “Begging your pardon, Master Elrond. I couldn’t help myself. You have a deal of fine herbs and suchlike here, but they’re in sore need of pruning, if I may be so bold.” Elrond smiled. “Yes, Sam, they have been badly neglected.” He sighed and glanced around the terraces that glowed warmly in the late autumn sun. “Too many other cares.” He lifted his hand to reveal his own pruning knife. “I would be delighted to assist you.” Happy (belated) Birthday! Cheers, Liz



Happy Belated Birthday, RiverOtter

I hope you had a nice birthday! I'm sorry your present is coming a little late. I played and played with possible encounters, until this one came to mind this morning. I've had the idea for this story for a while (a much longer tale), with title and all, but had not written a single word. Your request sparked the muse and so here it is, in a hundred words. Hope you enjoy it. Best wishes, Starlight *** First of the Line When she dismounts, what I see first is the gracefulness and pride of her fathers, despite how she clings to the bundle in her arms. Aranarth, too, is nervous. He holds her too close, squeezes her arm—reassuring himself, I deem. ‘Master Elrond.’ Aranarth bows. ‘I cannot tell you how grateful-’ ‘Please.’ I look closer, but my scrutiny brings a slight smile to her face. She curtsies, meeting my eye. You’ve chosen well, Chieftain. ‘Welcome to Imladris, Mother of the Dúnedain.’ Their eyes meet then, and beam, as she reveals their most prized –and only-- possession. ‘This is Arahel, Sire.’ *** "Yet the line of the kings was continued by the Chieftains of the Dúnedain, of whom Aranarth son of Arvedui was the first. Arahael his son was fostered in Rivendell, and so were all the sons of the chieftains after him..." (RotK, Appendix A, THE REALMS IN EXILE, The Northern Line)



Re: Happy early birthday, Starlight

Thank you so much, Dwim! I *love* it--everything about it. Not only are Faramir and Boromir at their most characteristic selves, but you also resurrected one of my favorite topics: The Authors of M-e Challenge. There is so much to look at, and ponder about, in this drabble: there's the sense of culture (another beloved topic), the brotherly camaraderie, the wonderful books, the knowledge... all building up to the finale, and Faramir's point. I love his outlook on things, the insight he shares, and the reason why all that reading and all that negotiating and all that talking are worth it. Thank you so much, Dwim! I'm a very very happy girl today :-D Starlight P.S. Now I have all kinds of questions about the Red Books and the Haradric sages. Would you give us a small sample? ;-) Thanks again, Dwim, for a wonderful birthday present.



Re: May 2005 Babies - Part 2

A happy birthday to RiverOtter who asked for something between obscure characters. Hope you enjoy!!! Dead “Shut yer gob; I hear somethin’,” the Orc next to him turned. “What are ya talkin’ about? I don’t hear nothin’,” He stated, scratching his head and looking everywhere but up. The pail hit the first Orc’s head dead center before he even had a moment to look up. What brains were in him were effectively squashed. “Argh,” the second Orc screamed and jumped back. “The cave is falling!” He ran right and left, screaming at the top of his lungs as more debris fell: a dismembered skeleton, a long chain, and a sword. Pippin looked down the well, horrified. Agape



Re: May 2005 Babies - Part 2

That's such a fun drabble, Agape! And, a clever gapfiller :-) Cheers, Starlight



For Loremaster

Happy belated Birthday! Hope you had a good day, and here's a little present for you. Hope you enjoy it ;-) Cheers, Starlight *** Always a Father They were shown into the baby’s room at once. Finduilas swept Imrahil in a loving embrace and departed to see the child’s mother, leaving Denethor alone with three boys. Boromir, all warmth, rushed to the crib without wasting time. ‘You were just like that when you were little, Faramir, just like that,’ he said, tugging at Elphir’s heel. ‘Not much hair, slept a lot…’ Faramir glanced up, then fixed his eyes back on the baby. ‘Boy, you’d cry!’ Almost on cue, Elphir began to wail. Denethor stared, uneasily, but with practiced hands held the child. ‘All three alike,’ he said.



Re: May 2005 Babies - Part 2

I am glad you liked it. And I just discovered how Glorfindel entered the scene: I follow this forum mostly from email alerts and they don't register edits. So you need not fear that someone else will claim your drabble, and I need not fear that my fevered imagination played tricks on me at 5.30 in the morning. As a fellow Aragorn fancier, I am happy I could please you (though now I have an Aragorn-Éomer 4th age nuzgûl nipping at my ankle) fliewatuet



For Pippin's Lass

Hi, Pippin's Lass! The following link will (hopefully) take you to the little vignette your request inspired. I've dedicated it to you. I hope you (and anyone else who reads this) enjoy! Wind of Despair Have a wonderful birthday! I hope it's filled with love, blessings, and delightful little drabbles from your friendly, fellow HASA members! Salut! (Bye!) ~Nienna



Re: May 2005 Babies - Part 2

Oh Raksha, NAERAMARTH is wonderful and tragic. I love the references to later events, and how you've shown Nienor's undoubted spirit and resistence. Thanx, Tanaqui! The Tale of the Absolutely Miserable, Wretched and Doomed Children of Hurin (that's what I call it) is not exactly my favorite Tolkien episode, but Nienor piped up and requested some air time. I kept thinking of the poor girl, tired out from dodging the darn dragon, run ragged, then turning around and given that terrible shock of meeting ol' Golden-Reek face to face. JRRT said that she fought against him, she didn't just swoon away without a struggle, and that intrigued me. (sniff-sniff; I'm so glad that Turin eventually whacked the dragon) Gwynnyd, loved the Juggling drabble - I really had a sense of the family's fun and excitement at the entertainment. Agape - "the cave is falling!" Heeeee! Very original drabble. RAKSHA



Re: for Loremaster of Anorien - May 8

Thanks, Gwynnyd and Starlight! I love them! I love all kinds of Stewards fics (except for those with adult content, seeing as I'm only fourteen), and these hit the spot. Since most Stewards fics seem to be rather depressing, I decided I needed a happy drabble to alleviate the feelings of depression brought to me by fabulous, but sadly depressing Steward fics. I love the thought of Denethor risking spies for his son! And jugglers from maybe Harad or Rhun are cool since I love Harad and Rhun. I also love the thought of Denethor being a good father! And Elphir sounds cute. *huggles Boromir, Faramir, Elphir, Erchirion, Amrothos, and Lothiriel* Thank you, thank you, thank you! Namarie! Loremaster



Re: May 2005 Babies - Part 2

I think this was my request. I requested Elrond and Glorfindel, but I'm still very happy and smilling, I'll take it! Thank you very much. I love Glorfindel's concern for Aragorn. And certainly, I would love to share! Gronyats



Re: For paranoidangel

Some feedback - which would have been earlier but real life has an annying habit of getting in the way. Vistula - I love the way it's written with you but from Elrond's point of view. And that last line's the best. Gwynnyd - that made me laugh. Gondor must be magical Tanaqui - it's definitely better late than never. I love the picture of Sam and Elrond gardening together. I can just see Sam not being able to help himself when he saw the state of the garden, and wanting to repay his host. Nic



Re: May 2005 Babies - Part 2

Hi Agape! I loved the drabble you wrote for RiverOtter! I had never thought about the unlucky orcs on the receiving end of Pippin's mishap. ^_^ What fun! ~Nienna



Re: Happy early birthday, Starlight

You're welcome, Starlight! With regard to this point, Not only are Faramir and Boromir at their most characteristic selves I'm actually a bit dissatisfied and trying to work on using that quote to put them in a less characteristic setting. I'll let you know if it works out, and then you'll have a pair of drabbles! Now I have all kinds of questions about the Red Books and the Haradric sages. Would you give us a small sample? I don't have anything written for either, but think turgid, one-dimensionally pragmatic prose for an unlovely subject for the Red Books and the Haradric equivalent of Plato, in style and content, for the others. Thanks, also, to Vistula for the comments on "After the Flood"—I must've missed them as I skimmed down the list.



Re: Happy Belated Birthday, RiverOtter

Hey, A bit of silli-ness inspired by River-Otter's request for encounters. Posted this elsewhere... but now including it here. Aragorn and Gandalf's first meeting: ~*~ Green leather and brown wool blend into the trunks of trees and autumn foliage. The Ranger treads softly, each footstep slow upon the cushion of wet leaves. His short bow he holds low, strung tight and arrow nocked at the ready, for he is tracking a prey that has ever eluded his grasp. At a glimpse of grey so dark as to be but a shadow against the forest floor his eyes narrow. Off the path, an old man in cloak and pointed hat the color of a misty twilight lays hand upon the hilt of the long elven sword that swings from his belt. Though the Ranger might stalk his prey soundlessly, danger sends prickles along the wizard's skin. Slow the bow rises and soon the smooth wood of the arrow points from eye to grey coat half hidden in the undergrowth. The Ranger takes in a breath and holds it tight, his face grim. He will have one chance and one chance only. Should he fail, he will get no other. But, no sooner does the bolt leap from the Ranger's bow than a whirl of grey bursts from the bushes, the arrow shattering in the whistling arc of a fine blade. "Stay!" shouts the old man and a grey-furred rabbit darts out from under his feet. "Ah!" the Ranger cries, his frustration writ large upon his face. "Who are you and what lord demands that you slay any traveler that might wander across your trail?" the wizard demands. More keen than his blade are the eyes that flash in anger beneath his thorny brows. "That, sir," the Ranger says crisply, pointing the way of the rabbit's erratic path, his narrowed gaze turning upon the old man, "was my lunch!" ~SilliMarilli



Re: Happy Belated Birthday, RiverOtter

How did I miss this? Lovely piece! I particularly like your characterisation of Gandalf. Nice description, too. RAKSHA THE DEMON



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