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Make-up Time--Past Birthday Challenges

Hello, birthday folks and drabblers:

It's come to our attention that for some months the Birthday Challenges were not opened for Birthday Folk to make their entries. In fact, from December 2005 to June 2006, no challenges were set up, depriving the public of the enjoyment of these wonderful gifts.

For a limited time, Challenges for the missing months will be open. Birthday folk are urged to enter their stories. Some of you may not have set up stories in the workshop in the first place--I hope you will now do so, so that the drabblers can enter their individual chapters.

I will email all the individuals concerned. This will take some time, so please bear with me.

If you are hopelessly confused as to what this is all about, please see
Instructions for Birthday Drabbling: complete and easy to follow instructions on the system.

The workshop is at: HASA Birthday Cards workshop

If you are still hopelessly confused, please ask for help. I am available to help, and Gwynnyd, the workshop manager, is always happy to lend assistance.

Gandalfs apprentice 



Re: Make-up Time--Past Birthday Challenges

Thank you! I've put mine in.




Re: Make-up Time--Past Birthday Challenges

Thank you, G.A.!

I have put up my story of January 2006.

You are one of the nice person who wrote me a drabble, as are Dwim, Gwynnyd and Tanaqui.

I have two questions:

1) I was myself inspired to write a drabble about my requested subject - should I add my own story as well?

2) Tanaqui sent my drabble via e-mail, and I just looked up and saw that she isn't an active member of HASA. If I get her permission, can I post her drabble here as well?




Re: Make-up Time--Past Birthday Challenges

Hello, Imhiriel

Thanks for creating your story and putting it in the workshop. Don't forget to enter the January 2006 birthday challenge (on the Open Challenges page). It is open until September 30.

To answer your questions: Yes and Yes. All contributions are welcome.

I am getting in touch with people to let them know to create their stories and/or post their contributions. It will take some time, as there are many participants and seven months to cover. You yourself wrote two (!) for RiverOtter, and she has now created her own birthday story. 

I will add my drabble to your story as soon as I can.




Re: Make-up Time--Past Birthday Challenges

Hello, everyone

Thanks to all who have entered the (way overdue) challenges! I am slowly emailing everyone to let them know about this, and quite a few have responded. These challenges will go public, and I hope that they will help inspire even more members to join HASA. I'm thrilled at the recent membership boost, due to the new Readers Club option.

The challenges will be open until September 30 to give everyone a chance to get their entries in, or until all entries are done. I am closing the April 2006 challenge now, because (unfortunately) there was only one birthday baby that month, and her entry is complete.

Thanks! And if you have any questions, or need assistance, please let me know!

Gandalfs apprentice, Birthday Challenges Maven 



Re: Make-up Time--Past Birthday Challenges

Yet another past birthday challenge is now complete, and has been closed (February 2006).

The remaining past challenges (December 2005, January, March, May and June 2006) will remain open until September 30 or until they are complete, whichever comes first.

Any birthday baby or drabbler who is a part of these--let me know if you need any help!

Gandalfs apprentice 



Re: Make-up Time--Past Birthday Challenges

Hello, everybody!

There's only just over a week left for completing the past birthday stories and challenges for December 2005 through June 2006. If you had a birthday, or wrote a drabble for a birthday, during this time, and are not sure if you have left any loose strings or what to do about tying them up, please post here and I will do all I can to help you.

Those of you who have birthday stories and are still waiting for some givers to enter their tales in your story, you might consider doing it yourself in the next week.




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