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September 2006 Birthdays, Take Three

On a roll! If you have a September birthday, please post your request.

Birthday folk, please visit the HASA Birthday Cards workshop, put your story in it, and enter the September challenge.

If you have questions, please ask.

Gandalfs apprentice


September 15, Linda Hoyland: I like friendship stories about Aragorn, with Faramir, Eomer or the Hobbits, or stories about Aragorn and Arwen and their young children. I dislike slash or bad language.

September 18, Haldirriel: This new HASA member would like a tale about her love, Legolas, or Haldir.

September 30, Gandalfs apprentice: As anyone could have guessed, I want Aragorn. Show me Aragorn in a state of emotion, be it anger, love, fear, hope (or any other emotion that interests you), at any time in his life. Extra points if you can include Gandalf, Denethor or Bilbo, but Aragorn alone or with any other character is also fine. Sex great too, het or slash, as you prefer.



Re: September 2006 Birthdays, Take Three

Fell Memories

Ooooh, that was absolutely frightening, Gwynnyd! And so intense.
Would that be Aragorn's adventure after he left Gondor in the direction of Mordor and before he meets Arwen in Lothlórien?


Yes.  He had to have some reason to show up on Lorien's doorstep 'weary' only a few weeks after he ran the Corsair raid.  Something drastic must have happened.

The drabble format lends itself very well to intensity.  I've been toying with the idea for about a year but it just hadn't jelled properly before now.  I got a few scenes written in a regular story format, and they were pretty flat compared to this.




Re: September 2006 Birthdays, Take Three

Happy belated birthday, Haldirriel!


South to Salvation

The Northern Fences lay quiet and cold, the air winter-sharp above the humid warmth of the forest. Amid the rustle and sway of green-gold buds, a grey-cloaked figure appeared, then two others. Haldir stared into the distance, running a finger over the curve of his bow.

Darkness hung over Dimrill Dale; vapours rose above Nan Curunír; trees spoke of trouble felt in the roots, of evil abroad upon the earth. Orthanc was rising. The Age was closing.

Closing over us.

Could hobbits hold back this Darkness?

"Come," Haldir murmured to his brothers; "There are those who must know of this..."



Happy Belated Birthday, Haldirriel!

Oh, dear, I'm afraid this isn't very cheerful...  Here's Legolas at Pelargir, with the fulfillment of the Lady's  foretelling.  100% book-verse.


The Cry of the Gull

Nock.  Draw.  Release. 

The arrows passed through the shades of men and into the bodies of men.  The gulls passed through the shades as well. 

Nock.  Draw.  Release. 

He heard the cries of the gulls.  He smelled the brine.  The sound of the water slapping against the sides of the boats came loud to his ears. 

Nock.  Draw.  Release. 

The pull of the unseen Sea shocked him, though he did not falter, for he was well-trained and well-practiced. 

Nock.  Draw.  Release. 

The army swept past him on both sides.  He lowered his bow.  He bowed his head.


Anyway, hope your birthday was a good one, Haldirriel!!




For Linda

It may be late, but here is my present for you. I hope you like it.


"Who is she?" Éomer wondered aloud. The feast had ended and now the guests were enjoying themselves with dancing or talking.

"Éomer, there are a lot of females," his northern friend pointed out, "you have to be more precise."

"The beauty with the sea-blue dress over there," the king of Rohan clarified, "what is her name?"

"Ah, yes, beautiful indeed, and still unwed. Her name is Lothíriel, Imrahil's daughter. Would you like me to introduce you?"

"Nay, my friend, I am man enough to do that myself."

Aragorn chuckled, "yet you think so, but none of your deeds can prepare you for the conquest of a woman." He lowered his voice, "for their means of fighting are not fair, and before you realize it, they have conquered you."





Re: For Linda

That is just delightful, thank you so much !I love the interaction between Aragorn and Eomer.



Re: For Linda

Glad you liked it. A bit of friendy advice from a more experienced man. I wonder if he would teach him patience as well, or if Lothíriel is the 'her or none' person for Éomer.

I imagine that the aspect of courting a woman is something new for Éomer who, as a warrior is used to solving matters with steel weapons rather than the tongue.




For Gandalf's Apprentice

I have been bitten twice; I'm actually sorry it wasn't thrice and I couldn't complete the set of drabbles with all the choices you gave. But two more drabbles to add to you record collection *g*...

Happy birthday, G.A.!



Weary Beyond Joy Or Sorrow?

Aragorn’s only acknowledgment of Gandalf as the flap shut out the dawn was a cursory glance from dull eyes, his attention solely on the campbed.

Like a puppet with cut strings, he crashed to his knees beside it.

Trembling with more than fatigue, his hand crept forth, combing a lock from the still face of the figure laid there.

Gandalf touched his shoulder.

The leash on Aragorn’s composure snapped. His head jerked up, eyes raging. At the intrusion. At what this day had cost, the dearest price here before him.

Then, with strained, grief-racked sounds, he accepted Gandalf’s sheltering arms.

- The title (without the question mark) is from RotK, The Battle of the Pelennor Fields.


Sharing Good News

Bilbo quickly closed the door to the night.

“You know I’m always happy to see you. But that was foolhardy – what if anyone has noticed you? And you know Frodo always visits this time of the year!”

The reproach had no effect on the dripping Ranger, his air of giddy excitement undiminished.

“Yes, yes. But he isn’t here yet, you say. And nobody is out in this weather anyway.” Fairly glowing from within, he grinned at his friend, eyes sparkling. “I just had to come and tell you...”

Bilbo looked up expectantly.

The grin grew even wider. “She loves me!”



Re: For Gandalf's Apprentice

Imhiriel! Thank you! Bravo!

What an intense duo! The extremest of grief, the greatest of joy. (There has been a notable lack of "happy" Aragorn in my gifts, I notice--that, and no one is inspired by Denethor. **notes for future**).

I have been almost literally showered with gifts. Cyberspace clicks, anyway.

Thank you again.




Another One For Gandalf's Apprentice

I was so late getting on the forums that I didn't have time to do any of the other challenges for Sept., but you, GA, had the graciousness to be born on the last day of the month so I was able to squeeze out a drabble.*grin*

Happy Birthday.

Journey's End

A look, a smile... How could he not be smitten each time, just as the first time? More than beauty, grace, every imperfect word of a language too impoverished to clothe her. He loved her now, always, until the ending of the world, or the circles of the world from which they were forever removed. She rose from where she had rested a moment before, and their lips met, and his soul was fulfilled. The grim years fell away and they were young, tall and fair, clad in white. Hand in hand they walked, leaving the eaves of Lothlórien behind.



Re: Another One For Gandalf's Apprentice

Why, thank you, I.B.! Another happy Aragorn to redress the balance a bit. Your language is very poetic and emotional.

I really liked your Art Challenge piece, BTW. Quite different and interesting. 

Again, welcome to the Birthday Challenges (I have a story set up in the workshop, so please add your piece there!).

I'm mulling over scary for Halloween....but since you, too, had the grace to be born on the last day of the month, I've got some time to work it out....




Re: Another One For Gandalf's Apprentice

I'm glad you liked this, G.A.. I was reading the part in fotr where Aragorn is in Lothlorien thinking of Arwen and "came there never again as a living man", which inspired me. Thank you also for your comments on my art challenge fic. One of the reasons I like writing challenges is the opportunity to try things I wouldn't write on my own.

I'm looking forward to seeing what stories my request inspires. This is my favorite time of year.

I tried adding my story as a chapter in your workshop but it wouldn't let me. Any advice?




Re: Another One For Gandalf's Apprentice

Hi, Mike

***dons birthday challenges assistant hat***

You can reach my story in the workshop here,

You need to click on "add chapter," then proceed in the usual fashion.

If you need more help, contact me at




Re: September 2006 Birthdays, Take Three

Exchange relating to Hard Labor - musings for the Aragorn purists out there.

Me:  Of course, I could write a whole short story about the decline of Minas Tirith resulting in men not staying with their wives in labor as a matter of course... In any case, poor guy, Arwen would have expected him to be there--being an Elf and all.

Gandalfs_apprentice: Of course she would have expected it, and so would he. Actually, I think they would have made that quite clear to the midwives well in advance of the event. AND it would have caused much wagging of tongues. Maybe I'll write a sequel.

P.S. Poor as the effort is, I did manage to include a line from Tolkien. G.A. found it at first glance, can you?




Re: September 2006 Birthdays, Take Three

...line from Tolkien ...

*finds Hard Labor, reads*

*no prob, scratches head, remembers context, looks up just to make sure*

If I have the opportunity to include a quoted line in one of my stories, I do the same.




Re: September 2006 Birthdays, Take Three

Hey, oshun, "Hard Labor" is terrific! Such a great ending to all that hard work some 9 to 12 months before. (Did I just make a double entendre? oops)

I posted it in my story, as well as IgnobleBard's. I don't know why the workshop is giving you difficulties. I emailed Gwynnyd for advice.




Re: September 2006 Birthdays, Take Three

Hi, Haldirriel

I got your note - I'm glad you enjoyed my little fic!




Re: September 2006 Birthdays, Take Three

I usually footnote direct quotes, and use them sparingly and in context, but this was a piece of pure nonsense and begged for irreverent treatment of the source!



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