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March 2007 Birthdays

Hello, birthday babies and drabblers! If you have a March birthday, please post your request here. Birthday folk, please visit the HASA Birthday Cards workshop, put your story in it, and enter the March challenge.

In celebration of the Ides of March, we also have the Beware the Ides of March Quickie. "Beware the Ides of March" is one of the most famous prophecies in history. Write a story or drabble about a prophecy in Middle-earth. It can be any Age, any character, any people, and the prophecy could be one that Tolkien wrote about, or one that you make up for Tolkien's world. Seriousness not necessary. BEWARE--this challenge closes on March 15!!

If you have questions, please ask.

Gandalfs apprentice


March 6, Agape4Gondor: Anything about Boromir/Faramir/Denethor (happy or sad but not stinging nasty father).... or just one of any man or (wo)man from Gondor.

March 12, Mar'isu: I will be 21 this year. In honor of that event, give me a drunken Fellowship (or other characters of your choice). Awkward mornings after, drunken hijinks, humor very much prefered. All I ask is that you keep it clean.

March 14, Elena Tiriel: I'm not only late, but I've been having a hard time coming up with a prompt this year, so I'll leave it wide open... I like Elves/Peredhil, Rohirrim, Faramir, Dwarves, Valar/Maiar/Wizards, the Fellowship, and minor races, like eagles, Ents, dragons, and dark (or merely misunderstood?) creatures... Frankly, I adore drabbles of any type... so I leave the subject up to you... Bonus points if you incorporate stray bits of canon, or the hunky Sons of Elrond, who have totally dominated my drabble muse recently.... Or, I've been working on featuring Events in March from the Research Library, so if you want a prompt, and something in the Research Library or the Tale of Years gives you inspiration, I'd love to see the result....



Re: March 2007 Birthdays

OK, I'll kick start this month. 

My birthday is March 12th, and I will be 21 this year.  In honor of that event, give me a drunken Fellowship (or other characters of your choice).  Akward mornings after, drunken hijinks, humor very much prefered.  All I ask is that you keep it clean.




Re: March 2007 Birthdays

For Mar'isu, a double drabble.

Abandon Sense

"But what is the point?" asked Legolas, looking with undisguised distaste at Eomer and Aragorn, who were finding it impossible to reach the bottle in front of them.

Faramir, his head already cloudy, struggled to answer: "It is a pleasant feeling, to get drunk."

"But do you not find your head aching the next day? Why should I wish that? What sense is there in that?"

"Oh, bloody, there is no sense," slurred Faramir, shaking his head at the elf's inability to grasp this simple concept. "That is the point."

Legolas was not much surprised. "Yes, I think see that now."

"Legolas! Don't be a wet blanket! Come join us!" Gimli's bellow was inviting, but Legolas only sighed. He had found mortals to have surprisingly greater amounts of sense than he would have predicted before leaving Mirkwood, but this strange ritual, performed now even by those he considered the wisest, made him wonder.

With a pause, he looked over to where Elrond and Celeborn sat soberly. Temptation to join them in rationality and be termed a wet blanket nearly overcame him. But, with a sigh, he turned away and resolutely took a bottle. He would abandon sense. Just this once.



Re: March 2007 Birthdays

Merry, this is funny and credible - very good characterisation of Legolas, too; bringing out his eagerness to try new things.  And he is among friends here, so his decision to try something senseless makes sense, if you'll pardon the pun.




Re: March 2007 Birthdays

Thank you, MerryK, this is EXACTLY what I want.  I wonder how Elrond and Celeborn react to the Prince of Mirkwood getting drunk?

 I've set up the story and it's in the workshop, please add your story.




Re: March 2007 Birthdays

You are very welcome, Mar'isu! I wasn't sure if you would like it, as it wasn't that funny IMO. As for Elrond and Celeborn...I imagine them discussing (in philosophical tones) the rustic mortal traditions and their variations and unspoken rules, therefore not noticing Legolas, and then going to bed before everyone else. Smile




Re: March 2007 Birthdays

*limps in*

Isabeau and Agape got me this morning. It doesn't *quite* feature a prophecy, so it's a Members Only entry, but I think the story is at least in the spirit of the Ides:

Bitter Springs.




Re: March 2007 Birthdays

Hi there, drabblers!

Forgive me... I'm not only late, but I've been having a hard time coming up with a prompt this year, so I'll leave it wide open...

My birthday is March 14, and I like Elves/Peredhil, Rohirrim, Faramir, Dwarves, Valar/Maiar/Wizards, the Fellowship, and minor races, like eagles, Ents, dragons, and dark (or merely misunderstood?) creatures...

Frankly, I adore drabbles of any type... so I leave the subject up to you... Bonus points if you incorporate stray bits of canon, or the hunky Sons of Elrond, who have totally dominated my drabble muse recently....

Or, I've been working on featuring Events in March from the Research Library, so if you want a prompt, and something in the Research Library or the Tale of Years gives you inspiration, I'd love to see the result....

- Barbara



Happy birthday, Mari'su

Well, here's my best shot. I don't really write drunkenness well, and I'm not sure this quite works in all respects. But they were very tempting images...

Happy birthday!



'A Arien, of flame-bright eyes
Draws her wain across the skies
Swift over snow
And even in rains
But come summer
She'll tease poor Rána again!'

As the crowd about the mallorn clearing took up the song, several of the dancers in their midst reeled out of line, declining the challenge. For the Lay of Rána and Arien was a lively jig and by perverse custom, was always called for when everyone was well into their cups on Midsummer's Eve.

Among those who abandoned the dance were two who staggered toward the clearing's edge, where the woman, laughing, threw her arms about her partner's neck, dragging him down with her in a rather graceless tumble to a golden drift.


Arwen shook herself, and laughed again as she raised her head from his chest. And as Aragorn pushed himself up onto an elbow, she leaned forward and kissed him—a long, lingering kiss that he had just relaxed into when she broke off, giggling again.

"Good thing we left the dance," she said; "You aren't fit for it!" Her betrothed groaned, then fell back upon his leafy bower with a sigh.

"You," he declared, with affectionate exasperation, "are drunk!"

"Undoubtedly," she agreed, brushing leaves from his clothes, letting her fingers trail over his chest 'til he caught her hand firmly in his.

"You are also cruel, Lady Arien—for if you would linger on your way, I haven't it in me to run after you."

"'Tis not so great a distance, my lord Rána."

"No," he acknowledged. "'Tis not at all. The space of a thought." And she watched his eyes darken longingly as he gazed up at her. One hand lifted, and he picked a leaf from her hair, sliding it down the length of one long tress before twining the lock about his fingers. "Arwen vanimelda," he murmured, reaching up to cup her cheek, and she leaned her head in his hand, eyes closing. Wine and desire were a heady brew; she felt it coursing through them both, and it was such a little space, thought trembling on the verge of a realization…

Abruptly, his hand was gone, and Arwen had one moment to reach for support, before she was tumbled face first to the earth and buried in leaves. She cried out, tossed a handful of them back at him—not that it mattered. He had her pinned, and she felt the heat of him all along her back as he leaned forward in his turn to breathe into her ear: "It was a very lovely, tempting thought, but—" and Arwen shivered, feeling warmth wash over her like sunlight as he kissed the nape of her neck "—not one for a bed so open as this, and in any case, I am not climbing the long way to my room or yours tonight!"

"I thought I was the one who was drunk!"

"You are," Aragorn assured her, even as he let her up, and then drew her back into the circle of his arms, as he settled against the bole of the tree at his back. "And wine speaks truth: I am not fit for dangling on ladders if I am not fit for dancing. Besides which, if we stay here, we can sit as close as we like, for drunk or not, I am not so much the wanton as to give them a show!"

"Vice into virtue. Must be a Rangerly trick," Arwen mused, and yawned as she settled her head upon his shoulder.

"Must be."

A silence.

"Are you sure you are really drunk?"


She sighed. "That is 'no.'"


"Then you are safe enough to walk me back to my room."

"Aye, I could."

"But you will not."

"No." His arms tightened about her waist. "Not tonight."

And Arwen, absorbing all of this, laughed again suddenly, delightedly. She could not help it. "Liar," she murmured. "You are drunk!"

Then she shivered again as he pressed another kiss to her throat, before he sighed, happily, "Absolutely!"



Re: March 2007 birthdays

For Elena Tiriel: A drabble discussing the "stray canon" of Elfhelm allowing Eowyn in disguise as Dernhelm in his company. Hyrde is Old English for "protector". Hope you enjoy!

Underhanded Business

"But why me?" asked Hyrde.

"As I relayed to you, the Lady is riding to war," explained Elfhelm patiently.

"You cannot make her stay?" Hyrde pleaded.

Elfhelm's eyebrows, though flaxen, rose impressively. "Do you really wish Lady Eowyn, who rides now southwards seeking death, commanding Dunharrow?"

Hyrde swallowed, and said fervently, "No, you did right."

Elfhelm sighed. "Believe me, lad, if I could explain to Theoden King why his sister-daughter was unsuitable for command at present without giving insult, I would. This underhanded business, though complex, is preferable."

Hyrde sighed, agreeing. He would have to endeavor to lead the people.



Re: March 2007 birthdays

Underhanded Business

Oh, MerryK, this is a real treat!

I can just see Hyrde's "deer caught in the headlights" look! Assuming a leadership position -- over civilians! -- something to make a grown Rohir tremble...

And I love Elfhelm's eyebrows -- they seem to have a personality of their own...

But I can see how awkward it would be for Elfhelm... how do you tell your beloved king he made such a mistake with his own kin, especially when he's caught up in much larger issues?

Thank you so much, MerryK! This has been a horrendous day, and to come home to this was truly a blessing.

- Barbara



Re: March 2007 birthdays

A quadrabble for Elena Tiriel. March Event: Aragorn captures the Corsair fleet and sails up Anduin towards the Harlond.


It was quiet on deck, and the only thing penetrating the silence was the sound of the oars regularly splashing into the water. The former slaves were working hard, but this time out of their free will. If only we had wind to speed our voyage, Halbarad thought, though it was not his personal wish. He looked up at the sky, but the stars were veiled. He rather felt than heard the presence coming up behind him.


"I would never have thought to one day sail into battle, and in a Corsair ship no less," Halbarad remarked when the other had arrived next to him.


"Should you not rest, kinsman?"


Halbarad laughed humourlessly. "Soon my body will do naught else but rest."


The two men stood in silence, each deep in his own thoughts.


Finally Aragorn turned to him. "Do you regret following my summons?"


"And leave you to face this alone? Aragorn, how long have we known each other? Almost seventy years. By now you should know me better than that. I have no regrets."


"Thank you, Halbarad."


"For doing my duty?"


"No. Yes. That and more. Thank you for your unfaltering friendship and support even when I gave orders you did not understand. I have never told you how much it means to me. What shall I do without you by my side?"


Halbarad shrugged. "You will live on, become King, marry your lady and have a few adorable children. You will enjoy friendships, old and new ones."


"But none of those will ever be you," Aragorn said, voice thick with emotion.


"Now do not you dare crying! You are making me feel guilty."


Aragorn attempted a smile, but it only ended in a grimace. A lone tear fell, but Aragorn did not wipe it away. He stared into the distance. "I am so tired of battle, of speaking of battle and preparing for battle. I am weary of burials and loss, grief and heartache."


He sounded so very sad that Halbarad embraced him, holding the other's body tight. Aragorn returned the embrace and clutched at Halbarad's shoulders. "I know," he said soothingly, "I know you are. But you are almost at your journey's end, there are only a few steps remaining. I know you will not falter now."


Suddenly Halbarad realized that they were both crying. They stayed in the embrace a while longer, glad that they were given the chance of a farewell.



Re: Farewell



I cannot begin to tell you how deeply touched I am by this, and how much I appreciate your beautiful gift of words.

Yesterday I learned of the death of my very dear friend of the last 35 years. The one comfort that I can cling to is that we had lately spoken of how much we valued our friendship.

Thank you for such a blessed gift that expresses so uncannily what was in my heart. I am weeping, but they are healing tears.

- Barbara



Re: March 2007 birthdays

I am sorry for your loss, Barbara, but glad that the piece fitted so well for you. I hope that you are not alone now.

I have another for you.


Aragorn was glad when he finally left the city. Never before had he been so mentally and physically exhausted. The Palantír, the army of the Dead, the battle and the healing had left him drained of all energy. He sat on a boulder not far from the Gates and let his head sink into his hands. The camp was only a stone's throw away, but he could not bring himself to face anyone, especially not his people. They would not speak of Halbarad's death before Aragorn addressed the matter, but he had no words for them, not yet.

He knew what Halbarad would have said. "Do not be ridiculous, death belongs to our lives like the air we breathe." And it was true. Every one of them knew death, but that did not mean that it was easier to accept. He felt the years weighing heavily upon him. He had buried so many already, family, friends, comrades. He stood up and looked towards Minas Tirith and the Houses of Healing. Life to the dying in the king's hand lying. He breathed deeply, turned his back to the city and continued his way to the camp. The Dúnedain had need of their Chieftain now, as had he of them.



Re: Acceptance


Oh, Vilwarin, this is another lovely gift... There is so much richness of emotion there, and I see something new every time I re-read it:

The Palantír, the army of the Dead, the battle and the healing had left him drained of all energy.

So much canon, so few words! Nicely done... it's exhausting just thinking about all that energy Aragorn expended....

He knew what Halbarad would have said. "Do not be ridiculous, death belongs to our lives like the air we breathe." ... but that did not mean that it was easier to accept.

*gulp* So true.

Life to the dying in the king's hand lying.

I have often wondered what it would like to be a healer, but to be starkly reminded that you cannot heal everyone... including (especially?) those who are close and dear to you.

The Dúnedain had need of their Chieftain now, as had he of them.

A profound statement of human need....

Thank you so much, Vilwarin. Both of these gifts mean more to me than I can express.

- Barbara



Re: Acceptance

I am so deeply touched that the gifts mean so much to you, Barbara!


The sun had not yet fully risen when a lone figure came riding over the destroyed fields of the Pelennor. He dismounted a little ways from the City and approached one of the fresh graves, leaving his stallion to find patches of grass that had not been destroyed by men, horses, orcs and whatever else the dark lord had unleashed. Not heeding the dirty ground, the men seated himself.

"Now it has come to it, my friend," he said, "we are marching to our last battle. You know that this is the first time in my life that I think I will not come back? I wonder how you coped with the feeling of certain death awaiting you at the end of the path."

The grave did not give an answer. Aragorn stared towards the White City where the people were beginning to stir. Then his eyes fell back on the small mound.

"You know that I made your brother my standard-bearer. Haldor is a good man, but he will never be a substitute for you, no one ever will."

He looked at his worn garments. Soon he would have to replace them with those of a captain. A captain who leads his army to their death. He sighed and stood up.

"Farewell, Halbarad. We may see each other again soon."

A biting wind blew into his face and he had to close his eyes. Abruptly he turned around and went to his horse, not looking back even once.



Re: March 2007 Birthdays

Very late asking for a ficlet or such....

Birthday was March 6th - RW crazy - but now I can take a moment and enjoy!

Anyone feel like writing stuff about Boromir/Faramir/Denethor (happy or sad but not stinging nasty father).... or just one of any man or (wo)man from Gondor.

Many thanks,




Re: March 2007 Birthdays


If you don't mind sharing an 'alphabet prompt', you are more than welcome to my "F like Faramir" quaddrabble! Happy belated birthday!

Night Terrors


edit - I think I've fixed the link... sorry about that!



Re: March 2007 Birthdays

Share Faramir???? Well - if I must.

Couldn't find it with the link but I went to the Alphabet Forum and read it there.

It is perfect... Faramir's night fear, his nightmare anger, his following through on the premonition... perfect.

I loved the descriptions - being a new grandmother, I could just see the little one. How having a baby in your arms makes everything seem right and well with the world.

Thank you!



Re: March 2007 Birthdays

A bit of Faramir - Pippin conversation for Agape. Happy belated birthday.


When Faramir slowly opened his eyes, he looked straight into the chubby face of a hobbit. Pippin smiled at him.

"How are you," the ernil i pheriannath asked.

Faramir sighed. "My dreams were dark for a long time, but now the world seems to be a bit brighter. Did I only dream it, or has the King finally come back?"

"The King?" Pippin thought for a moment. "Oh, you mean Strider. He is down on the Pelennor, preparing to bring war to Mordor."

"He is marching to Mordor?"

"Yes, and I will go into battle with him. I can finally prove my worth."

"But you already have done so. Do you not remember that you were among those who saved my life? There is no higher honour to gain, not in battle."

Pippin looked at his hands that were kneading Faramir's bedcovers. "One thing I learned in the time I spent among your people was that great honours are only gained through heroic deeds in battle."

Faramir snorted, then coughed. "I have seen enough war to know that it is naught more than an ugly slaughter. I have no love for it and only fight because it is my duty as the Steward's son and heir."

Pippin gulped when he realized that Faramir did not yet know his father's fate.

"Is there something wrong?" Faramir asked, his hand finding Pippin's and squeezing it tightly.

The hobbit shook his head. "No, it is only that I will be leaving my cousin Merry behind. He was touched by the black breath when he wounded the Witchking and is now recovering here in the Houses of Healing. I will miss him, especially because I might never see him again."

"I know your feelings," Faramir said, "for I had the same when my brother Boromir left to find the answer to our dream. I do not pretend that it is easy to bear, but bear it we must."

"I left him once, I do not want to part from him a second time."

Faramir smiled faintly. "But it is your duty as a guard of the Citadel. I promise to look after your cousin for you."

"You do?"

Faramir nodded. "Aye, Peregrin, aye."



Re: March 2007 Birthdays

Back again after nearly two months of only very infrequent on-line visits, your request was a perfect possibility to slowly inch my way in again - so many choices!

Maiar/Wizards - check
Fellowship - check
Eagles - check
Events in March - check

Happy belated birthday, Barbara!



The Third Eagle

Amid grievous hurt and loss, we all rejoiced: the Dark Lord was vanquished.

How proud I was to be chosen to aid Mithrandir, to wing my precarious way through ash, smoke and noxious fumes in search of those who had delivered Middle-earth. Following my Lord Gwaihir and his brother, I thought my heart would break at finally beholding the pitiful figures, barely alive in the desolation, red-hot lava threatening to engulf them.

Lord Gwaihir, with Mithrandir on his back, carefully took up the Ring-bearer. Landroval softly clasped his faithful servant.

I was the third Eagle.

But I came in vain.


- "And he [Gwaihir] lifted up Gandalf and sped away south, and with him went Landroval, and Meneldor young and swift."
- "Side by side they lay; and down swept Gwaihir, and down came Landroval and Meneldor the swift; and in a dream, not knowing what fate had befallen them, the wanderers were lifted up and borne far away out of the darkness and the fire." (both passages from RotK, The Field of Cormallen)



Re: March 2007 Birthdays

OH! Thank you, Vilwarin - I did not see this.

And Faramir is a most welcome birthday person - I love how Pip was the first face he saw - blessed sweet Hobbit... and that Pip checked himself, a very difficult thing to do for this particular Hobbit - and not say anything about Denethor.. Good save, Pippin!

And the part about missing Merry AND Boromir.... So now Pippin has another of the 'Mir brothers watching over him and his friend. Hooray!

Thank you ever so much - glad I saw this before March had totally left us!




Re: March 2007 Birthdays

The Third Eagle


But I came in vain.

That's brilliant, Imhiriel.  Hope springs eternal.



Re: March 2007 Birthdays

That's brilliant, Imhiriel. Hope springs eternal.

Thank you, Adaneth !




Re: March 2007 Birthdays

Happy belated birthday, Agape! Here's my piece for you, a drabble for Boromir's introspection shortly after the Quest is begun:

My Gondor

I look at him who would be King of my country, and ponder his words. He has been in Gondor before, he says. Says so easily, calmly. And he could leave it with such indifference as well?

I frown, my mind filled with righteous indignation. If it were Theodred of Rohan, it would matter little, for of course he is loyal to his country. But this man claims Gondor as his also, not only Arnor. My Gondor.

Will I let him take her? Will I trust him with her? I cannot decide now, I must wait and see his worth.



Re: March 2007 Birthdays

Happy birthday (late) Agape!  I tried to get something just Boromir and Faramir, but the last line of this thing stuck in my head and demanded an explanation as to why it would even be spoken.  Hope you like it.


Anticipated Allies

Mar'isu  - 3/23/2007


Aragorn, son of Arathorn, sat in a private parlor in the Prancing Pony, listening to the reports of the latest group of Dunedain to return from terms of duty in the south.

"How fares the House of the Steward?" he asked when all that was necessary had been said.  "The younger son, Faramir, should be full grown by now."

Amandil nodded.  "I had the pleasure, if you could call it that, of serving in the court until it was revealed that I hailed from the north." Halfhearted smiles circled the room.  They had all felt the growing hostility of Gondor's lords for their northern kin.  Amandil continued, "I was in attendance when Faramir swore his oath."  The relatively young ranger shook his head.  "I have never seen such a focused young man.  He is like you, my Lord, with eyes that will see through lies before they are even spoken."  Aragorn acknowledged the praise.

Galantar took up the tale.  "I was not within the Hall, but I saw the rejoicing throughout the city, and none was louder in his praise than Captain Boromir."  The older Ranger smiled to remember.  "All the officers together welcomed our new peer that night, and a friendlier man I could not ask for.  Did I not know what elves truly look like, almost I would say he is one of them he was so merry.  He will make a formidable adversary and an invaluable ally."

Amandil grunted.  "Aye."  The ranger raised his tankard.  "To the Steward's sons, may they live to see their King return" he toasted with a significant look to his Chieftain.  All the Dunedain echoed his toast.

Aragorn lowered his mug, somewhat chagrined at being reminded of his heritage here in a town that had ever been a refuge from such thoughts.  "So you believe that the sons will be more apt to accept me than their father?" he asked.

Galantar nodded.  "Very much so, my Lord.  Aragorn, know this.  Should you win Boromir's respect, you will have Gondor's love, but should you win Faramir's love, you will have her soul."



Re: March 2007 Birthdays

Hi Agape,

Okay, this is *very* belated, and I apologize for that. However, I have been brewing an idea that I think captures the heart of Boromir (such as I understand him). And the clue to that Boromir is of course Gimli. Because one gruff man deserves another, right?

So the muses finally cooperated, though it actually ended up a drabble and a half. Hope that's okay! *blows kisses Agape's way*

Of Moria, of Khazad-dûm

Boromir looked at the dwarf. Khazad-dûm. He saw how Gimli's eyes blazed at that word, how he nearly spat the Black Pit. And of a sudden Boromir realized what he should have seen weeks before: this dwarf was like none he had ever seen.

For Boromir had known dwarves. Tinkers and stone-merchants who peddled their wares throughout Gondor, and ambassadors from Erebor at his coming-of-age. But Gimli son of Glóin was different. A stout companion, to be sure, yet there was something more.

When Gimli spoke those other names -- Fanuidhol, Nanduhirion -- Boromir marvelled. True, his tunic was woven from unembroidered wool, but his helm was well enough made to put even Boromir's to shame. And his father was one of Thorin's Companions, and a counsellor to their king. Why should such a high lord not know the elven tongue?

And in his heart, Boromir pledged his sword to his friend.

Note: This ficlet is based on the following quote from "The Ring Goes South", FOTR:

"Only once before have I seen them from afar in waking life, but I know them and their names, for under them lies Khazad-dûm, the Dwarrowdelf, that is now called the Black Pit, Moria in the Elvish tongue. Yonder stands Barazinbar, the Redhorn, cruel Caradhras; and beyond him are Silvertine and Cloudyhead: Celebdil the White, and Fanuidhol the Grey, that we call Zirakzigil and Bundushathûr. There the Misty Mountains divide, and between their arms lies the deep-shadowed valley which we cannot forget: Azanulbizar, the Dimrill Dale, which the Elves call Nanduhirion."

The title is adapted from the poem Gimli recites in Dwarrowdelf in "A Journey in the Dark". The pertinent stanza:

The world is grey, the mountains old,
The forge's fire is ashen-cold
No harp is wrung, no hammer falls:
The darkness dwells in Durin's halls
The shadow lies upon his tomb
In Moria, in Khazad-dûm.
But still the sunken stars appear
In dark and windless Mirrormere;
There lies his crown in water deep,
Till Durin wakes again from sleep.



Re: March 2007 Birthdays

Anticipated Allies

Oh, that was such a very intriguing idea, Mar'isu, and well realised! That there were Northern Rangers in Gondor even after Thorongil's departure, and how Denethor would react - brilliant.

Should you win Boromir's respect, you will have Gondor's love, but should you win Faramir's love, you will have her soul.





Re: March 2007 Birthdays

 For Elena Tiriel - HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!  I managed to include Events in March, a mention of eagles, and oh yes - Faramir.   I'm not entirely sure that the last line works, but can't think of a definitely better one at the moment.  (the idea of the earth shaking was inspired by Stefania's story Avoidance


(Raksha the Demon)





He awakened with a pounding head and a gladdened heart.

For a moment, he could not remember how either condition had come to pass. Then the memories of an enormous singing Eagle, its joyful tidings, and the revelry that had followed, opened in his mind like the pages of a great tale of old.

The sky had darkened; the Eagle had come; and the earth had shaken with the force of their Enemy's Fall!

Faramir of Gondor arose. Opening the windows, he looked for the first time upon a dawn free of Shadow.

And he had lived to see it!




Re: March 2007 Birthdays

Bless you, MerryK -

I just loved the line 'he could leave it with such indifference' - wow - potent

My Gondor - I love the title - I love it's use in the drabble.

Thank you!



Re: March 2007 Birthdays

My goodness, Dwim... this is such a sad, riveting story. My heart goes out to both men. Both in untenable situations and knowing that things will only get worse.

And Grima - in the background always - as a snake in the grass.

Excellent tale!



Re: March 2007 Birthdays: Bitter Springs comment

Thanks, Agape!

Yeah, poor Boromir and Theodred don't get any breaks here, alas. Grima must have his day, after all, and then the story goes on to its inevitable end for them.

Glad you liked it!




Re: March 2007 Birthdays


 Mar'isu  -  Anticipated Allies -

Galantar nodded.  "Very much so, my Lord.  Aragorn, know this.  Should you win Boromir's respect, you will have Gondor's love, but should you win Faramir's love, you will have her soul."

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!   The notion that Faramir is linked to Gondor's soul has been in my head for a long time, so it's great to see I'm not alone; and this is expressed so nicely, too.




Re: March 2007 Birthdays

MerryK - My Gondor -

Wonderful characterisation of Boromir here; you've really got him down.  For him, Gondor is always the highest priority, and that can be both a fatal flaw and a great virtue.  Alas, poor Boromir. 





Re: March 2007 Birthdays

Oh my! Mar'isu - Beautiful, but extremely heart-wrenching....

Do you think Boromir knew?



Re: March 2007 Birthdays

Re. Anticipated allies.

Raksha - Like I said, the line got stuck in my head, but I agree.  Of the brothers, Boromir is the eminent military leader, with  enough politician, perhaps to charm the cortiers.  Faramir, while able to lead a battle and do so well, was never really a soldier at heart.  The Ring War made him one by default.  Gondor loves both of the brothers, but of the two, I feel like Faramir actually has the stronger connection to the people of Minas Tirith and all of Gondor, so while Gondor will accept Aragorn on Boromir's referral, it is winning Faramir over that will be the key to truly regaining the throne.

And Agape, I think Boromir would have known something like that.  He might not have realised how much of a diference there was in the way that Gondor loved each of the brothers, but he would probably have had to have been blind to not see that Faramir had a different connection with Gondor than he did.




Re: March 2007 Birthdays

I loved "Anticipated Allies", Mar'isu! It excellently portrays how I see Boromir and Faramir's roles: everyone loved Boromir, because he was the sort of person who prompts cheers and praises, but Faramir was, not unloved or unnoticed, but given a different, deeper loyalty, no less powerful. And Gondor's soul is the perfect way to describe it!




Before The Gate - for Elena Tiriel

A drabble-and-a-half for Elena Tiriel.

'Bonus points if you incorporate stray bits of canon, or the hunky Sons of Elrond.'

Incorporating the hunky sons of Elrond is never a problem for me :>)  There were also some rather significant events in M-E on this day (I'm posting on 25th March) so I get double bonus points!

(Edit:  I'm a day out, aren't I?  It's the 26th today!!  Embarassed )

Before The Gate    

Elladan tightened his grip on his sword hilt as he surveyed the gathering hosts of Mordor.  Orcs and Easterlings and trolls surrounded them, the hordes deepening even as he watched.  "We are outnumbered, little brother,"  he said softly.


Elrohir nodded.  "Aye.  But when has that ever stopped us?"  He smiled grimly.  "This was our idea – and Father's.   It is a little late to change our minds now!"    He sobered and turned to face Elladan, clasping his arm tightly.  "If we fall, we fall together,"  he vowed.


Elladan gripped his arm.  "Together,"   he agreed.  "Whatever may come, we face it together."


There was a harsh bray of trumpets as arrows thudded into the ground at their feet, and a mighty roar as orcs and trolls surged towards them, blood-red light glinting dully on swords and spears. 


With an icy battle calm, Elladan waited to meet them, with Elrohir by his side.




Re: March 2007 Birthdays

It's been a pleasure reading all the contributions rolling lately--good work, all of you.

I haven't been writing birthday drabbles lately because "The Sword of Elendil" is taking all my muse's attention. But she'll be of these days...




Re: March 2007 Birthdays

"The Sword of Elendil" is taking all my muse's attention.

How is it coming along?




Re: March 2007 Birthdays

Since you asked....I've just posted a new chapter, "Queen's Falcons." See The Sword of Elendil. Aragorn meets the acting chieftain and his mother's mother, and finds out he has a great-grandmother yet living.

The angst will keep building!




Happy (late) Birthday Elena Tiriel

Well, at least I got it in the same month.  I've got a double drabble (exactly according to Word), Elves, stray bits of cannon, and breif mentions of some other things.  Hope you like it.

Diversion – Mar'isu 3/31/2007


Glorfindel watched as the Fellowship disappeared into the dusk and almost regretted that he did not go with them.  Almost.

"Would you join them, my Lord," Galdor of the Havens approached the Balrog-slayer.

Glorfindel gave a half-smile.  "Surely after two ages you may call me by my name, Galdor," he requested.

Galdor bowed his head.  "You will ever be Lord of the Golden Flower, Glorfindel," he said.  "I know why you do not walk with them, but what will you do now?" the elf finally asked.

"The Enemy knows It was here," Glorfindel answered vaguely wary of listening ears.  "He must not know where It goes," the golden warrior turned to his companion, "and who better to guard It than two Lords of Gondolin?  It has been long since I have seen Cirdan."

Galdor's eyes widened.  "You will come to the Havens?"

Glorfindel nodded.  "And remain until the next ship sails."  His eyes grew dark with a feral enmity.  "Let Sauron believe the thing has gone beyond his reach."

"And will you sail with it to complete the diversion?"

Glorfindel shook his head.  "No.  I came with the Istari; I shall leave with them.  I have work still to do."


Notes:  The Istari arrived in Middle-Earth c. 1100 of the Third Age, or that is the first record of them.  Glorfindel of Rivendell is not mentioned in any history until the Battle of Fornost, year 1975 of the Third Age.  Which means if Glorfindel of Gondolin and of Rivendell are the same elf, he could have come with the Istari.

Galdor of the Tree is mentioned along with Legolas in the Book of Lost Tales during the escape from Gondolin.



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