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Well, since the Tar-Miriel nuzgul jumped the hutch to become a Challenge, why not some stories devoted to that overbearing husband/first cousin of hers? After all, this is the guy whose pride sank Numenor. Did he feel any sympathy toward Miriel at all? What about his friendship with Amandil? How did he fall so easily under Sauron's spell? What were his thoughts when he approached Valinor and nearly turned back (and what if he had?) And, trapped in the Cave of the Forgotten Ones, whose side will he fight on come the Last Battle and the Day of Doom?



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Hm, this seems like it's only fair, I agree.

What about Ar-Pharazon, folks? C'mon, you know you love a baddie!



Re: Ar-Pharazon

Yes, as you know, I'm in! I just now have to find time to get started. *sighs* Oh the troubles of life!



Re: Ar-Pharazon

Can you imagine what a tremendous captain he must have been, to steer mere Men all the way to Valinor?



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Oh, that brings me to a related does a Second Age Numenorean compare to an Elf ... any Elf? Since everyone seems to be stuck on the idea that Elves are so sinless and superior that there was really no need for Men to even exist in the first place, the little sickly, wavering, prideful, squibbling Aftercomers.

Pah. If I didn't go to die with Finrod Felagund, I'd CERTAINLY have thrown my lot in with Ar-Pharazon.



Re: Ar-Pharazon

Whoa. Yes. Dear old AP, as I call him, is my second favorite character in the books, and I needed a little motivation to finish up this vignette. Deadline?



Re: Ar-Pharazon

Since everyone seems to be stuck on the idea that Elves are so sinless and superior sinless? superior? coughcoughkinslayingcoughcough I'm not in for this challenge guys, sorry. Numenorians hold no interest for me.



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