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Strange Fates

Tolkien said that " Marriage, save for rare ill chances or strange
fates, was the natural course of life for all the Eldar."

So what is a Strange Fate?

Early death? (but there's always a second chance in Aman)
Perpetual chastity?
or simply a very delayed marriage such as Elrond and Celebrian?

Anybody interested in a Strange Fate Challenge? How would an Elf view
a Strange Fate? Would Elf parents warn their children about Strange Fates?




Re: Strange Fates

Hmmm... that is an interesting question, since it seems practically every major Elf character mentioned has a 'strange fate' of some sort!

Did you say you had two already? Do we hear another three?



Re: Strange Fates

Oh dammit! I do not have time for this, but I've got a twin on each ankle here , so,(snarl) you got me.

Erin's Daughter



Re: Strange Fates

So what is a Strange Fate?

Having to travel to Mt Doom with a Dwarf?




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