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Heroes & Demons

I was trying to give this away as a Nuzgul, but given its broadness it might be better as a challenge...anyone think it would be interesting?

Middle-earth is full of tales of great heroes battling terrible demons - dark lords, dragons, balrogs, spiders, &c. - though Tolkien rarely tells the story in depth. But these are the sorts of tales I can see surviving the ages, to be told again and again in the Hall of Fire, the campfires of the Rangers, Meduseld, &c. It would be neat to have a collection of I humbly suggest:

Heroes & Demons

Tell the tale of an epic battle between one of Arda's heroes and their greatest foe (or one of them.) Fingolfin & Morgoth? Thror & Azog? Bard & Smaug? Sam & Shelob? Lots and lots of options. Could be told straight or as tales recounted, perhaps in the Hall of Fire.




Re: Heroes & Demons

Could you make up stuff - imagine one-on-one combats, say, between elf A and monster B at the Nirnaeth, and so on?



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